Alessandra Meyer-Wölden: It announces family growth!

"YES, I'll be mom again ... this time, dog mami!"

You could almost have believed that five-times-mom Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (35) was pregnant again. She wanted to communicate with her latest Instagram post, which she started with the words "YES, I'll be back to mom", actually only that she has got animal offspring. The ex-wife of Oliver Pocher (40) said: "The kids finally convinced me after years that there was only one dog left in our family! Now my best friend and I have embarked on the exciting journey to the southern states to pick up our new family member. " The new family member is an eight-week-old bitch, for whom Meyer-Wölden is now urgently looking for a name ...

Alessandra Meyer Wölden with his Boyfriend (March 2023).

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