Adriana Lima complains about body pressure: But who takes her DAS off?

We celebrate women who can not be told what to look like. Women who are and are as they want to be. Women who have the courage to go against the tide and say so clearly. Self-love makes you sexy. And body weight is certainly not the measure of all things? certainly not in terms of value in society.

That's what Adriana Lima wants to tell us with her latest Instagram post. Unfortunately, her statement has a bland connotation.

My job puts so much pressure on me that I suddenly realized how much we women have to endure. I have enough of these impositions. We women can not continue living in a world of such superficial values, it's not fair. Rather, it is physically and mentally unhealthy, what society imposes on us.

Every day I wake up and wonder, 'What do I look like?' Will I continue in my job? That's when I realized that the majority of women probably wakes up in the morning trying to make it better for society, social media and fashion. This is not a way of life. This is not healthy physically and mentally!

You want to finally change something? and start with yourself.

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