11 sentences in which you recognize men who are unable to relate

Alas, they really do not have it easy, but unfortunately we look at them lightly: men who have an indefinable fear of a solid relationship. A widespread phenomenon. There's the 38-year-old, who just feels too young to take responsibility. The doubly divorced, who just does not believe in love anymore. Or the mid-twenties, who still lives at home with Mutti, because: is the best anyway.

These men say they have attachment anxiety. They (or their not-so-girlfriends) complain about it bond phobia .

These men are the horror. For every woman who gets involved with her. And for all her friends who have to listen to increasingly abstruse stories for months. The pattern is always the same: one step forward, two back. Again and again gladly taken: spontaneous descent, if it is the binding Spanish guys "too tight".

11 sentences with which unrelated men betray themselves

It's simply not possible to have a relationship worthy of a name with a relationshipless man. But how do you recognize the man who does not want anything half and nothing in love? A first hint can give these 11 sentences, the attachment-phobic men always like to drop. We have translated what they really mean:

1) He says: "I think we should just give everything to us."

He means: Including other hot girls, whom I send to me.

2) He says: "I'm not that kind of guy who plans far ahead of the future."

He says: Not with you anyway.

3) He says: "Children, I am still the child myself."

He says: Do not just take responsibility with me.

4) He says: "You really do not want to go there, there are just boring people."

He says: I have no desire to show up with an attachment. Who knows who else is there ...

5) He says: "Still awake, fancy a date?" ? SMS at 1 o'clock at night.

He says: I want sex - now.

6) He says: "I'm just not ready for a relationship."

He says: I want to keep all doors open. Maybe I'll find a better one.

7) He says: "I do not believe in marriage."

He says: You have not convinced me yet.

8) He says: "Sorry, I have to move our date to tomorrow."

He says: Soo you are not important to me now.

9) He says: "My three ex-girlfriends were really not very clear in the head."

He says: Women are always to blame if a relationship fails.

10) He says: "Together on vacation? But I go snorkeling with my pals every year."

He says: And that does not change anything just because we go into the box.

11) He says: "At some point I can introduce myself to children."

He says: But not really with you.

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