Young woman has to shed because of menstruation? and dies

She died alone in the shed? because she had her period: A young woman died in Nepal from a smoke poisoning. Gauri B. had to stay in the cold shed after she was not allowed to be in the family home during her menstruation.

As the police suspect, the young Nepalese woman kindled the fire to warm herself. Neighbors found their body in the smoke-filled hut. The woman, who claims to have been 21 to 23 years old, fell victim to a traditional Hindu custom.

Thus, women are considered unclean during their period. In the period of their menstrual period, they must therefore live in cowsheds or sheds, and must also not touch people, cattle, fruit or vegetables.

Although the tradition called "Chhaupadi" has been banned for years, it remains stubborn. Again and again, women are killed because they are exposed to cold, snake bites and other dangers. In 2017, Parliament passed a law that sanctions ban with a fine of Rs. 3,000 (around € 25).

Young Nepali woman found dead in menstrual exiles' shed (June 2021).

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