TV-Soaps: Amalie wins the skating world championship on "Alles was zählt"?

17:30, RTL: Below us

Robert meets Miro Szabor again and wonders why the Croatian nobleman constantly appears in his environment. Determined, he demands an honest answer. Eva refrains from Conor because she thinks he has fallen in love with her. But he claims someone else has stirred up his feelings. The WG car makes for a fight. Ringo wants to organize the use of the car and gets together with Vivien.

18:05, RTL II: Cologne 50667

Ollie quickly realizes that Elia has only one thing in mind: taking the money from him and then disappearing without seeing the girls again. Of course, he can not allow that and so he dares to put Elia out of action. He ties him up and then disappears with his cell phone. With the help of the phone he wants to locate the location of the prisoners. Once there, he has to watch as Ghent deals with the hostages very roughly. This leads Ollie to take an action on his own - even if he has previously contacted the police. With bad consequences ...

19:05 clock, RTL II: Berlin - day & night

Jannes can not suppress his obsession. In order to regain some control of the chaos of his feelings, he maneuvers his room manic. For the first time Franzi experiences how serious Jannes' mental problems are. At first, she does not know how to handle it. However, when he explains himself to her, she is surprised that she understands the reasons for his behavior very well.

19:05 clock, RTL: All that matters

Pauline can be freed from Damian's hands with Isabelle's help. Relieved, she believes the nightmare is over. But that is a fallacy. Although Marie would have to give up because of her injury, she really wants to show the world Moritz's freestyle tricks. As Jenny grazes in between. Meanwhile, Simone Amalie has to put on track after a missed chance of the lead. Jenny makes sure that no scandals overshadow her World Cup.

19:40, RTL: Good times, bad times

Emily believes it will be an easy game to get Felix into a cash injection for her label. But he lets her down so bitterly that she overreacts in her anger. When her company is denied a construction permit for a project by the building authority, Felix Laura blames. It comes to a fight. When it turns out that Laura is not guilty, they both realize she sabotaged someone.

The sights and sounds of Cristiano Ronaldo day at Juventus (March 2023).

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