• March 27, 2023

This puzzle makes the net despair: Can you solve it?

A round of mental exercise complacent? Since we have just the right thing for you:

This puzzle has already pushed thousands of people worldwide to their limits - as different as those who tried it were their solutions as well.

Take a close look at the pictures! Well, are you coming to the right solution? Before we reveal the riddle to you, we give you one last chance to rethink your outcome:


Let's get to the resolution:

Of course, as you are, you have first clarified what number is hidden behind which symbol. In the best case you came to the following result:

Horse = 10

Horseshoe = 4

Pair of boots = 2

You have successfully taken the first hurdle? Congratulation! Then get ready for the next stumbling block, which hides in this riddle fun - it lurks in the very last line. The Fiesling shows up in the form of the X.

This little character requires multiplication. And which special position was attributed to the point calculation? N / A? Right, she has to do it BEFORE the netting. In this case, this means that you have to first multiply the horseshoe with the horse before the boot is added.

But here, too, there is an important little thing to note: unlike in the lines before, boots and horseshoes in the last bill in the singular. 4 (horseshoe) becomes a 2 and 2 (pair of boots) a 1.


Horse = 10
Horseshoe pair = 4
Boat pair = 2
1 + 10 × 2 = 21

Simple version. I have a complex version. pic.twitter.com/ssljSZ0o4J

? Princeton Brooke (@PrincetonBrooke) September 7, 2016

You still stand on the hose? Then you can look again here a detailed explanation:


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