The spring workout

Kick-off: Let's go!

The German footballers are lonely leaders: world champions and 2005 for the sixth time European champions. That earned them the "Sportsman of the Year" award. Sports physiotherapist Christel Arbini, who has been coaching the women's national team for many years: "We train highly effectively, but always healthy." That's why we've developed our new workout together with her to help you get the spring into life. And this is how it's done:

First of all nice and warm When it's cold outside, the warm-up program begins with light foot stretching - in summer, when it's nice and warm, start with a jog

1. Warm-up: foot stretching and jogging

If it's still cold outside, start with two stretching exercises for the feet. With that the body comes up to operating temperature. Then you start walking slowly, about 20 minutes long. Muscles and joints are perfused, the ligaments supple. The right running style is important: unroll the feet, bend the arms and let them resonate powerfully. The hands are always on the sides of the body. Because those who let the arms swing only casually in front of the body, builds no body tension and can also insert in between no spurt. (If you have not been running regularly, you should not do it until after about four to six weeks of training.) DVD alternative, if you do not like to jog: Start with the warm-up in the movie.

2nd strength training

All exercises are done with an elastic band that you get in every sports shop. Advantage: The three-dimensionality of the muscles is fully utilized, so it is highly effective. Against the resistance of the band at least two muscle groups are strengthened at once, for example butt and back of the thighs or chest and shoulder muscles. It's so handy that you can take it anywhere - a pocket-sized gym! DVD alternative, if you have no tape: Do the strength training from the movie. And of course, if you're fit, you can do all the exercises one after the other.

3. Shiatsu stretching

The stretching program at the end not only expands the muscles shortened by the strength training, but should - according to the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine - simultaneously strengthen the flow of energy and thus the internal organs. When stretching back and legs, for example, the bladder-kidney meridian is brought into flow. (This is good even after long flights or car rides.) Stretching your arms strengthens the lung meridian. The stretching of the body sides, from the feet to the hands, supports the liver-gall-meridian. And stretching out of the heel seat activates the spleen-pancreatic meridian.

How often should I exercise?

The best three to four times a week: a day training, a day break, training, break and so on ... then you are in the summer as fit as the world champion!

Warm-up with foot stretching

1. Start with your right foot: set up the top, then roll back over the whole foot and put on the hoe. Stretch the tiptoe towards the calf and slowly roll back up onto the toe. 15 times. Page change.

2. Stretch the tiptoe towards the calf and slowly roll back up onto the toe. 15 times. Page change.

3. Your toes are more agile than you think. And so you are instantly warm: Sit down and let only your big toes bob up and down. 15 times. Then there are the little ones, and the big ones have a break. 15 times.

Strength training with the elastic band

They need two to two and a half meters of ligaments, which are available in at least three strengths (slightly elastic, moderately elastic and with strong resistance). So you can determine the difficulty of the training itself.

For the chest and shoulder muscles Loosely cross-legged, hold the elastic band shoulder width between your hands. The arms are bent at the body. Now as you exhale, pull your forearms outwards, pulling your shoulder blades together, then back to your starting position when inhaling. 2 times 15 repetitions. In between, take a short break and shake your arms out.

For butt and back of the thighs Loop the band around the right foot, wrap ends around the hands and walk in the quadruped stand. Lower and thighs at right angles, forearms at shoulder width. Tighten the band with your foot (the left knee fixes the band). When exhaling, lift the leg at a right angle - lower when inhaling. Do not make a hollow back, the belly is firm. 10 times. Page change. Repeat the exercise.

For shoulders, arms and back Sit cross-legged and hold the tape shoulder width between hands.Now stretch your stomach and pull the band apart at chest height, stretch your arms up and guide the band behind your body. Constrict the shoulder blades. Put the band back in front of the body - and release the tension. Take a deep breath. 2 times 10 repetitions. In between, shake your arms out.

For the hips and thigh outsides Tie the ribbon together so that the noose is one foot long. Put the band around the ankles, turn to the right side, the head is on the bent arm. Now stretch the tape. While breathing out, lift your left leg and lower it when inhaling. Do not tilt your hips back, your stomach is tight. 20 times. Page change. Repeat the exercise once. Shake your legs in between.

For the body sides Stand with your right foot on the end of the tape and pull the tape over your head with your right hand. Support the left hand in the waist. Now while breathing out, tilt the upper body to the left side and pull the navel to the spine - when inhaling release the tension again. The legs are slightly bent, belly and butt tight. 15 times. Page change. And repeat the exercise again.

Shiatsu stretching

Small break There should be at least a day off between training days - and do not forget to drink enough, preferably mineral water or apple juice.

For legs, back and arms Stand shoulder-width, the tiptoes pointing forward. As you exhale, stretch your legs, chin to chest, cross your thumb behind your back, stretch your arms up, and lower your upper body forward. Breathe deeply into the abdomen and hold the stretch for 30 seconds. In between, exhale once when exhaling. And then roll up vortex again.

For the body sides Cross your left foot over the right and pull your right arm over your head. Now exhale chin to chest, tense stomach and stretch the upper body to the left side, do not make a hollow cross. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, breathe evenly, once in a while stretch out while exhaling. As you exhale, slowly lower your arm - and change sides.

For shoulders and upper back Sit in a loose cross-legged position and put your forearms together in front of your chest. Now, as you exhale, stretch your arms up, hold the stretch for 3 seconds, and return to the starting position when you inhale. 3 times.

For the stomach Lie on your stomach, your toes are pointing out, your hands are next to your shoulders, your elbows are pointing backwards. Now lift your upper body while exhaling. Who can, makes the neck very long and looks upwards. Take a deep breath and hold the stretch for 20 seconds.

For the hips Kneel, put your right foot up. Place your forearms together, slowly lower the upper body as you exhale, and guide your arms towards the floor beside your foot. Take a deep breath, hold the stretch for 20 seconds. As you exhale, slowly raise your upper body - and change sides.

For thighs, chest and abdomen Sit between your heels and slowly lower your upper body as you exhale. Rest your forearms on the ground. Advanced students take off their shoulders and extend their arms backwards. Take a deep breath, hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and stretch once when exhaling. Stand up slowly - and sit on your heels.

For the legs and body sides Gather your legs and stretch your arms up over the sides. Fold your hands and turn your palms upwards. Now, as you exhale, stretch your upper body to the right, arms pull to your right foot. Take a deep breath and hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Stretch once when exhaling. Release the stretch, slowly raise the upper body and stretch the other side.

For the butt Lie on your back and lift your left knee. Cover the left knee, pull towards the chest and place the right lower leg over the left knee. Take a deep breath, holding the stretch for 30 seconds. Stretch once when exhaling. The head remains on the ground, the neck is long. Page change.

For back and legs Sit down and close your legs. As you exhale, pull your chin to your chest, look at your belly button and stretch your upper body toward your thigh. Take a deep breath and hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Once you exhale, stretch once, tense your toes and cover your feet.

Elastic band to order You do not have a sports shop nearby? Then you can also order the band at the DTB Shop Industriestra├če 4-8 54662 Speicher Tel. 065 62/61 55 Fax 065 62/61 92 E-Mail: [email protected]

The band comes in three different strengths for beginners (in red), for advanced (in green) and very well-trained (in blue). It costs 13.50 euros including packaging and shipping.

Power twister workout | full upper body (July 2020).

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