Psssst: Now, Melania Trump's code name used by the secret service has been revealed

But Melania really does not have it easy. She is constantly being told that she is just a fashion doll at the side of her powerful husband or that she herself does not feel like serving the people in Washington.

Melania itself always defends itself against the hostility. She has set herself to work for the poor and weak of the country during her term of office, she emphasizes mantra-like. The fact that she always provokes critical voices, for example, when she sets out on high heels on the way to the disaster area, has become a habit by now.

Melania took the wind out of its sails months ago - by moving. Again and again the First Lady had been raised so that she did not live in the White House, but in New York City, in the Trump Tower of her husband. The couple had announced early that Melania will stay here with son Barron until he has finished the school year.

Meanwhile, Barron and Mama Melania live in the White House - and also enjoy the personal protection of the secret services here. They have always used special code names when talking about their clients to be protected.

Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, was known as "Renegade" for his bodyguards, George W. Bush was "Tumbler" and Bill Clinton called her "Eagle." Reigning US President Donald Trump is called by his bodyguards "Mogul" - and his wife has a code name. Many find this name very suitable for Melanie - as their code name is, you'll find out in the video above!

By the way: The tradition of the code name still comes from times when electrical communication was difficult to encrypt. Today, the code names are more of a traditional relic.

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