Milchbubi goes Maniac: The abortion rap of city council Julien Ferrat

Donald Trump trumpets his emotions via Twitter in the world, the German city council Julien Ferrat (25) via Youtube. Now one does not have much in common with the other, especially in matters of world political importance.

But not only in the use of social media in the service of their own opinion, in terms of content, there is at least a parallel between the two: The 25-year-old teacher student, who sits for the family party in Mannheim municipal council, fighting like the US President against abortion ,

Abortion as a trend?

While Trump was one of the first acts to freeze US funds for all international organizations that inform about abortions, Ferrat clumsily talks on Youtube against abortions - and shows drastic images of an intrusion.

In the clip to his rap "The Conflict" are scenes of abortion to see, even the tiny hands of an aborted fetuses. On Ferrat justifies the display of horrific images with the words: "I would like to counteract the trend that abortion is played down. Many believe that an abortion is now considered Contraception 2.0, To make it clear that this is not the case, I have decided to visualize the abortion process "(to the uncensored video).

The fact is: the number of abortions in Germany has been declining for years. And experience shows that hardly a woman takes such a serious decision lightly. Some suffer for life.

Everything will be fine - in the video

The song "The Conflict" is about the girl Eileen, who comes from a broken family and is on the desperate search for love unintentionally pregnant. Everyone recommends her to have an abortion.

At the end then a happy ending like from the diaper advertising: Eileen gets the baby and the loving father takes care of mother and child. That an Eileen in real life may make no education and could slip into the lifelong poverty, that she would possibly be completely overwhelmed with a child, the baby might not want or would neglect it does not matter.

It is also unmentioned that there are women who have been raped, who risk their lives through pregnancy, who do not want to give birth to a severely disabled child who does not want to give birth at all - and who have fought hard for self-determination.

"I put my thing in every hole"

The fact that a 25-year-old, who reveals his wet fantasies in public, is not necessarily suitable for women's understanding, but already showed his rap "Mannheimer ghetto", which caused a provincial past fall last autumn (the video was deleted under pressure from the local council) , In it, Ferrat singled out lines like these in a misogynistic gangsta rap style:

I have a great self-confidence

and put my thing in every hole

I am a Mannheim city councilor

and banged the bitches hard every night

Whether Ferrat "the Bitches" times in the "Pussy grabbt," as the colleague from America, is not known. However, we hope that he will prevent 1A or 1.0 during his nightly raids. Otherwise there will soon be a lot of little Juliens in Mannheim who do not have a dad. Because he moves around the houses at night to "whore" whores, instead of caring or at least raising the maintenance.

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