Men's clubs: women undesirable

The publishers of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Since 1994, Günther Nonnenmacher (in the middle of the photo) was editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. After 20 years now is over. At the end of June, the 65-year-old will leave the editorial board of the newspaper for reasons of age. His post will not be filled. This leaves four men as editors. In the history of FAZ there has never been a woman in this squad. Why should that change in 2014? Other men's clubs in parties, companies and culture show so exemplary, how beautiful it is when the men stay with each other.

The Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany

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Applicants to the highest political posts in Germany have been there several times, the leap to Bellevue Palace has not yet made it. SPD politician Gesine Schwan had tried it twice. Both in 2004 and 2009, they failed in the first ballot against the future Federal President Horst Köhler. At the last presidential election in 2012, the journalist Beate Klarsfeld tried, but failed against the current Federal President Joachim Gauck.

The Economics Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany

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In the 65 years of economic history of the Federal Republic of Germany, there were a total of 19 economics ministers, including not a single woman. There are many women who have at least as much idea of ​​the economy, technology and finances as their male counterparts.

The Governing Mayor of Berlin

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The fortunes of our capital have been steered by men for decades. Since mid-2001, Klaus Wowereit is the governing mayor in Berlin. Incidentally, Hamburg and Munich, the second and third largest cities in Germany, do not look any different. Here, too, male first and mayors always had the say.

The party leaders of the SPD

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Where are all the women gone? If you look at the party leaders of the Social Democrats, you get the impression that the party would have nothing to offer women's technology: on the executive chair sit for decades only men. It looks a little better in other party committees. Eleven women currently belong to the party executive, with Yasmin Fahimi the party has appointed a new secretary-general and Hannelore Kraft, Aydan Özoguz and Manuela Schwesig are strengthening the party leadership as deputy chairmen.

The party leaders of the FDP

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The situation is similar with colleagues from the FDP. The Liberals have never had a party leader, this office has been reserved for decades to male party members. Women in the FDP do not have it easy. In addition to a number of men, however, at least three of them are allowed to participate in the presidium. Looks in the mix also better, gentlemen.

Incidentally, the pirates may as well put their mark on the flag, because even there, there has not been a federal chairman. The women have so far only managed to the deputy posts or in the management. In the CDU, the Greens and the Left women have already taken over the party presidency - in the last two in a dual leadership with a male colleague.

The Executive Board of RWE


It is significant that RWE AG - Germany's second-largest energy supplier - advertises itself with the slogan "go ahead", but that only men are on the company's executive board. If you really want to be a role model, you would mix your leadership more colorful and contemporary.

The Board of Deutsche Bank

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Deutsche Bank is the largest financial institution in Germany and has experienced scandals in recent years. Infidelity, tax evasion and party donations are just some of the issues Deutsche Bank and its managers had to deal with. Whether a woman could have prevented that? It would have been worth a try at least. But even today, the bank still relies on an "All Boys Club" on the board.

The Board of Management of Volkswagen AG

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Beetles, Golf, Passat, Polo, Up and more - Volkswagen AG has a number of models in its fleet that are also liked by women. Apart from that, it is predominantly women who make the purchasing decisions - even when asked about the family car. The fact that the largest car manufacturer in Europe only men on its board is gathered, is shameful.Or do the men at Volkswagen still think that women have no idea about cars?

The Board of the Adidas Group

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The men also prefer to stay with the Adidas Group. Women are just as much a part of the sporting goods manufacturer's customers as men.

The ZDF directors

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In the editorial offices and decision-making bodies of German media, female executives are rarely to be found. Men still have the power of opinion, they decide significantly what is in the newspapers and is broadcast on radio and television. Intendance is the highest hierarchical level of a sender. While at some stations of the ARD (for example, the WDR) already women have taken over the helm as artistic directors, came at ZDF so far only men in the top hierarchical level. In order to change that and bring more women to the boards of German media, the association Pro Quote has been founded.

The showmaster

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Today we see a lot of women on TV - in the crime scene, in the news, on talk shows and in many other formats. Apparently, it has not gotten around at the big quiz shows that women can entertain as well as men - if not better.

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