Jürgen Drews: The singer can not live without his music

For decades he has been on stage - and Jürgen Drews (73, "I'll build a castle") obviously does not want to take that away. In the middle of August he had to go to hospital because of a severe gastrointestinal infection and was soon operated on because of an imminent intestinal obstruction. Drews was ordered by doctors to "take a break of ten days," as spokeswoman for the news agency spot on news confirmed. But on the weekend the singer moved back onto the stage.

"The doctor told me to go to rehab, I asked him what I should do with it, I'm on the stage," Drews loudly told Bild to the approximately 700 visitors to his performance in Remscheid. Still, the fiddle singer could not romp as usual at his appearance, it is said. "I will take all upcoming appointments and I'm glad that it continues," Drews told the newspaper. In the coming weeks, appearances include performances in Sandersdorf-Brehna, Neumünster and Gelsenkirchen.

What if he stopped?

Although Drews had last quite thought about stopping, but fans may be pleased that he has apparently rejected this consideration quickly. "Before the operation and on the way to Remscheid, I really asked Ramona," What if I say I stop right now, the thoughts and thoughts were really there, "the singer says. But his wife Ramona Drews reveals the "image": "I just said: 'Do it!' I'm happy and like having you around, but that's his hobby and he can not give it up that easily. "

Jürgen Drews - Satisfaction 2015 (July 2020).

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