• July 10, 2020

Book cover for school books

A dress for school books: The guide for these chic book covers is from DaWanda Designer Jolijou.


approx. 65 cm x 150cm cotton fabric (also different ones) 1 large sheet of paper A2 (or foil, tissue paper, tracing paper / baking paper) for the template paper scissors as well as cloth scissors or rotary cutter ruler or measuring tape ballpoint irons sewing machine sewing thread if necessary iron-on fleece line for reinforcing embroidery files for school subjects (eg available at www.huups.de) Finished patches (eg available at www.zaubermasche.de) Ribbons, underwired motifs, patches (eg available at www.farbenmix.de)

Create a rectangle as shown in the drawing. Cut out 2 times in the fabric break from fabric.

Quilt right to right, leave on a short side a hand-wide turning opening.

Cut off the corners. Turn and corner outlets. Stitch the opening right to the right.

Decorate with ribbons, patches, etc.

Place the booklet in the middle of the cover, fold over the covers, iron. Stick to the creases. Quilt the long sides.

Here is the instructions for the gym bag.

Born 1974 in Vienna, Austria, raised in Melbourne, Australia, currently living in Berlin, DaWanda Designer jolijou tries to make the world more colorful from her studio. She designs embroidery designs and cuts, fashion for children and women, as well as colorful accessories for the big and little ones - all that is available in her DaWanda shop!

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