House of Cards: Robin Wright guarantees tons of drama and shock moments

The sixth and final season of "House of Cards" is eagerly awaited. It is known that Kevin Spacey (59) aka Frank Underwood will not return. Instead, his series wife Robin Wright (52, "Wonder Woman") alias Claire Underwood is now in power. Something the creators of the series had in mind from the beginning, as Wright told in the interview on the American "Today" show. It had always been the plan for Claire to become the first female US president, Wright said. She also commented on the grand finale.

Lots of drama

For the last season, the goal was to beat first what happened in the news day in, day out, said Wright with a small swipe at the political situation in the United States. For the final episodes, it has therefore become "most dramatic". And the grand finale? "It will shock you with incredible shock what happens in the end," promises Wright, laughing, who also directed the last episode.

The sixth and final season of "House of Cards" Netflix released on 2 November. In Germany, the consequences are first seen on Sky.

Great Power, Great Responsibility (July 2020).

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