Haley Bennett: The US star awaits a kid by director Joe Wright

The US actress Haley Bennett (30) and her British friend, director Joe Wright (46), apparently expect later this year offspring. Anyway, this happy customer wants to get the page "Six" exclusively from a friend of theirs. "They are expecting a baby this winter," the talkative acquaintance of the two is quoted as saying. If the baby news were correct, the two would not have spent too much time. They are said to be a couple since the beginning of 2018.

Above all, Bennett is known for her role in "Girl On The Train" alongside Emily Blunt (35) and Justin Theroux (47). Also in the new edition of the Western classic "The Glorious Seven" with Denzel Washington (63), she worked as a female protagonist. Her boyfriend Joe Wright is also not a blank slate in Hollywood. He helped as director of "The Darkest Hour" last actor Gary Oldman (60) for his performance of Winston Churchill (1874-1965) to an Oscar. Also with "Pride and Prejudice" and "Who is Hanna?" he sat on the director's chair.

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