• June 12, 2021

For a spectacular photo: student crashes from the cliff to his death

The "Seven Sisters" cliffs in southern England are a popular destination for tourists? because of the spectacular view, but especially as a photo opportunity. A 23-year-old has now become a tragic fatality. The student from South Korea jumped for a photo in the air. At the landing she lost her footing.

Thrown 60 meters into the depth

The young woman slipped off the cliff and fell 60 meters into the depths. According to forensic medicine, the serious injuries led to death on the spot. The accident occurred in June, but only now, after the completion of investigations, known.

According to this, the student had asked a stranger to take a picture of her, where she jumped in the air. Previously, she had already taken several selfies on the site. The 23-year-old came to Sussex to improve her English, the Daily Mail reports.

Student falls to her death when she slips crumbling Seven Sisters cliff after posing for photo //t.co/bi51VQPm4T pic.twitter.com/q8szDyvchN

? Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) October 13, 2017

Cliffs known from "Harry Potter"

The "Seven Sisters" are known as the backdrop to the Quidditch Championships in the fourth "Harry Potter" section. Again and again tourists pose in daring actions on the famous chalk cliffs. The local authorities urge visitors to keep enough distance from the cliffs.

Australian student dies from fall off this cliff in Norway - Daily Mail (June 2021).

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