Florian David Fitz: Last nude appearance with Matthias Schweighöfer?

After "The hottest day" and a two-year break, the film "100 things" currently in cinemas is the second joint project featuring actors Florian David Fitz (44, "Vincent will Meer") and Matthias Schweighöfer (37). bring to the screen.

Florian David Fitz: for "100 Things" with Matthias Schweighöfer naked through Berlin

Two best buddies, one bet: Paul (Florian David Fitz) and Toni (Matthias Schweighöfer) want to prove for 100 days that they can do without material possessions. They store their entire belongings and can only get back one thing each day. Soon, the sneaker and cell phone addict Paul and the suit-loving Toni realize what they've gotten themselves into.

What director and screenwriter Florian David Fitz inspired the film, whether he himself would make such a bet and why his buddy Matthias Schweighöfer was "the bigger idiot" on set, he tells in an interview with the news agency "spot on news".

Forget about almost all your favorite things for 100 days: Would you take the bet yourself?

Florian David Fitz: No, it's all about survival. But once a week put away the phone or fasting or even drink alcohol, that helps. It changes the perspective and makes you more sensitive and attentive again.

On a cold February day you had to walk through the streets of Berlin for the movie with Matthias Schweighöfer - in the snow. How was the shoot?

Fitz: The movie starts in the winter, so Paul and Toni are as hard as possible without their stuff. We had to plan the scene very well, because if people got wind of the fact that we run naked over the Oberbaumbrücke, along the wall and over the Kotti, the shooting would have been impossible. We needed four days at the end and had to go out again and again - unpleasant at up to minus 14 degrees.

Who was the bigger fiend?

Fitz: I do not want to punch him in the pan right now, but Matthias. He does not walk as much barefoot as I do. Ironically he had a splinter in the foot at the end. When I wrote the book, I warned him, "It's getting tough, get dressed warm, go training." That's probably the last time we're going to undress. "

The Finnish documentary "My Stuff" (2013), in which Petri Luukkainen brings something back to his life every day for a year, served as a screenplay basis. How did you want to pick up on the idea in your film?

Fitz: The film by Petri was the perfect hanger. It's a simple idea and everyone knows what that means. I wanted to tell more - about our relationship with things and the digital revolution, about the family and the generations who lived differently before us. The film is meant to capture our time because I feel like we are dreaming away. It is a blatant time that changes us and the world.

It's also about the speech recognition app "Nana". Do you use Alexa or something like that yourself?

Fitz: No, I find that deeply troubling. I have a childless friend who talked to a friend about their baby. Then she was suddenly offered wraps. She did not have Siri on and the thing was still listening. In the movie, Paul manages to make the app look like a person, which actually looks awesome, but even more scary.

Can you sever things easily?

Fitz: That works quite well. I have such an "inside out" feeling. When my apartment is full, I'm too full. Just as the apartment is emptied and sterile. The best is comfortable and airy. I do not have the right amount of consumerism anymore. I have friends, where I watch this strongly. This is such a child instinct as at Christmas. It's usually more about unpacking than the stuff itself.

Did you consciously choose the start date of the film for the konsumtensive Christmas season?

Fitz: We do not want to be moral apostles. We do not say, "People, stop consuming", otherwise our system will collapse. It has not only brought bad luck to the world. I would rather have people trading with each other than if they were at war with each other. I just want to ask questions.

This includes the question: "What do you need to be happy?" It can be pretty puzzling about that ...

Fitz: There is no simple answer, it will always be complex. But I can think about it and try to be reasonable - every now and again, without duping myself or becoming totalitarian. Not only for moral reasons, but also for your own quality of life.

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