Courteney Cox: That's what freed her

Courteney Cox (54) has now revealed that she has not used any more fillers for her face for two years. The actress also told People that she previously had problems accepting her age.

The "Friends" star said, "I would say it's a normal thing to go through as you get older, especially in Hollywood, you have to accept that you're getting older, and that was something that was hard for me . " She had her wrinkles filled up because she did not like herself. She did not notice that this did not work for her until one day when she stepped back and admitted herself, "Oh, I do not look like myself anymore."

She works on herself

Now she's just content with being "who I am and getting older with what God has given me, not with what I've tried to change." The things that bothered her were the things she keeps working to change.

Earlier, the 54-year-old had said in an interview with "New Beauty" that she hopes that she is now more like the person she was before cosmetic surgery: "Things are changing, everything's going to hang." I've tried to prevent that, but that made me look phony. " She had started with a few injections, but then it had become more and more.

A face must remain flexible, Cox said. "These are not wrinkles, they are laugh lines, I've learned to love agility and realized that fillers are not my friends."

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