Avril Lavigne: She uses her new single to process her illness

The diagnosis of Lyme disease completely changed the life of Avril Lavigne (33, "Goodbye Lullaby") in 2014. Now, the Canadian singer can finally pursue her passion again and released after five years of musical absence, the ballad "Head Above Water".

The singer had to spend five months in hospital because of the infectious disease, which is transmitted by a tick bite. For a long time the doctors disagreed about what the musician had with the symptoms of tiredness and headache. In an open letter to her fans, which she recently published on her website, she says that the song was written in the hospital bed.

"I accepted death, it felt like I was drowning," the musician writes. At this stage, she prayed a lot and wrote, in the arms of her mother, the first single of her new album. Apart from their previous Poppunk works, the song is a soulful ballad. The new single is just a harbinger: After her recovery, the singer is now working on a whole album.

Come Backstage With Avril Lavigne (March 2023).

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