5 cool phrases you can say when collecting a rebuff

The guy is so hot, but unfortunately he has no interest? Ouch. This not only hurts, but you can feel so incredibly stupid when you get a basket. Luckily, there are a few sentences that make you stand out with your head held high. You can still cry later with your best friend.

The understanding variant

When suitable? If you want to show that you are grown-up and confident with the situation - and a departure is not the end of the world.

"Okay, no problem, thanks for being so honest."

The humorous variant

When suitable? In principle, humor always fits - unless the man is a Vollhorst and can flash off on a very lousy tour.

"Okay, the basket is heavy, so I'll drag it home ..."

The nice variant

When suitable? For a man who is just great and has always treated you fairly. Maybe you even want to be friends with him.

"Wow, out of your mouth even a basket sounds somehow good."

The cheeky variant

When suitable? If the guy just misbehaves and gives you an arrogant rebuff.

"Alright, my interest has just dropped to double digits!"

The indifferent variant

When suitable? If the guy is not an asshole, but your affection actually did not deserve.

"Oh, it fits too, I'm getting drinks!"

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