Zodiac Aquarius: The aura of the special

Date of birth: 21.1. - 19.2.

Positive characteristics

  • spiritually
  • are committed to working for the worse
  • striking and special
  • creative
  • individually


  • rebellious
  • need distance in relationships
  • changeable
  • are internally under tension
  • headstrong

Which partners match the star sign Aquarius?

Not every sign of the zodiac harmonises with Aquarius. With the Sagittarius, Aquarius combines the love of travel and the joy of spiritual topics. With the star sign Taurus, a relationship can be difficult, because bulls love the traditional and Aquarians the unconventional. With the Zodiac Gemini it works better, because both are freedom-loving. But still, the twin is very rational, which Aquarius does not love so much.

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The motto of the star sign Aquarius is: "I want to dance, fly and float"

The big interview with star astrologer Roswitha Broszath about the star sign Aquarius

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What characterizes the constellation Aquarius?

Roswitha Broszath: He is the only character represented by a human being. On old maps it is a handsome young man pouring a jug of water. Astrologers call this the water of the mind. Aquarius has a very special meaning. In spiritual astrology, it is a sacred sign and represents perfect man. Aquarius surrounds the aura of the special. People with an Aquarian emphasis stand out from the general public, have visions, are chosen for special tasks. Angela Merkel, for example, has the sun of Kreb in conjunction with Uranus and the Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarian born can have idealism and a realistic vision, can bring together visions and tangibility. The combination of Leo and Aquarius, as we find them in Barack Obama (Ascendant Aquarius, Sun in Leo), emanates an energy that is supposed to be able to change people's consciousness.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: In which professions does the star sign Aquarius carry its special aura?

Roswitha Broszath: Aquarians are highly intellectual, highly intelligent, but strikingly often newcomers who have taken an unorthodox path. You may not have a high school diploma, but then you start on a second chance education path and take a breathtaking career - sometimes even in a profession that they have not learned at all, but they still master because they are mentally very flexible and also ambitious.

Typical Aquarian occupations are development workers, astronauts, astrologers, physicists, coaches, aircraft manufacturers, inventors, web designers, electronics engineers, designers and programmers. Architecture, astronomy and mathematics are also typical occupational fields for Aquarius as well as social and medical professions. Aquarius needs a dedication to a goal. It has the task of serving humanity - globally speaking - in contrast to the Virgin, where service takes place on a very personal level in the therapeutic dual setting.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Is Aquarius more in senior positions or in a team?

Roswitha Broszath: Both as well. Aquarius likes flat hierarchies. But he needs a team in which he can still feel independent. Someone with a strong Aquarian emphasis never goes anywhere and he's worth it. Aquarius is attracted to people who feel marginalized because Aquarians themselves often feel like strangers. Already in childhood they have the feeling of being different and not belonging. As children, they often fantasize that they have been swapped in the clinic. This feeling of being disconnected from the environment naturally makes you lonely in childhood. At a certain point in time, however, one can also feel that this is a preference, above all when you meet twenty like-minded people from the middle of the middle.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What is the sign of Aquarius in relationships?

Roswitha Broszath: Partnership is a bit of a capricious affair for Aquarius. He always needs a certain distance because he is afraid of being hurt and devotion is often confused with submission. He is constantly rebalancing the relationship between distance and proximity. If, for example, a very intimate night lies behind him with the partner, Aquarius tends to destroy the intimacy the next morning by, for example, breaking a fight off the fence. Aquarians must always feel that they are self-determined people. Sometimes they also consciously separate sexuality and love, because sexuality often makes life better when one is not emotionally attached.It is interesting that Aquarian born, though they do not want to be captured, find people attractive, showing something dominant and almost macho.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: So who does Aquarius fit well with?

Roswitha Broszath: One would think that it would be the air signs, but that is only partially correct. With twins, the relationship can go well, but twins think much more rationally than the Aquarian, who has a very spiritual side and the ability to anticipate what the twins are not fond of. Libra is not ready to immerse as deeply in thought as Aquarius. He can endure anything if he sees any sense in it, but that's not what the Libra wants. So it's more like signs like the fish that have this spiritual side, or the Sagittarius, whose philosophical quality fits well with Aquarius. In addition, they are both Globetrotter and like to explore the lifestyle of other peoples and cultures. Frequently, however, the difficult combinations, for example Aquarius and Taurus, are lived. The bull can be very dominant, is grounded and tries to keep life in manageable tracks. Aquarius is very different. He likes the unorthodox, the unconventional, is a bit crazy in a good way. He has to be able to swim against the current and live his own rhythm. Nevertheless, the two are often together and rubbing against each other, which is good for the relationship - and for the erotic anyway.

The Aquarius has rebellious traits and the tendency to always bridle the horse from behind. He thinks very fast and in adventurous ways and has a flair for Zeitgeist. If the partner does not come along, there are tensions.

In addition, the Aquarius needs a lot of space for themselves and like to live relationships at a distance, so with someone who is not there every day. Aquarius also likes living models in which different life forms come together: families, single parents, singles, seniors. It is in keeping with the Aquarian ideal that differences are overcome - and it works against it if it can not be overpowered by individuals.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Do Aquarius and Aquarius find each other easily?

Roswitha Broszath: Yes, they have a soul connection, pull together, have the same visions. However, other aspects should come in via the moon or the ascendant. Otherwise, the two are too equal, which in this case does not necessarily have a negative impact on sexuality. The Aquarius has an incredible passion, but just a distanced passion, in which he always keeps an inner distance despite all devotion. Aquarius is not necessarily well suited for relationships, so he has to work a bit on himself.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Is this only for love relationships or is it not so easy with friendships?

Roswitha Broszath: Good friends are watermen already, but they do not pour out their hearts so completely. They do not have the restraints of the crabs, who cuddle everything and constantly stir problems in the heart, but Aquarians do not like to give insight into their inner life either. Searching for social contacts via the Internet is typical of Aquarius. On the computer they can keep the distance, decide when they are approachable and what they want to communicate.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What else does the star sign Aquarius do in his free time?

Roswitha Broszath: Dancing is his big hobby, like Tango: He can live out his passion and yet remain at a distance. Steppe or Steppaerobic is also Aquarius. He also gets blown away: Aquarius likes skydiving, paragliding and trampolining. He likes to go on adventurous excursions, he prefers individual trips. Going alone through the desert is what Aquarius likes.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What's his motto?

Roswitha Broszath: In the first motto we find his hobbies again: "I want to dance, fly and float" is the second Aquarius motto: "Ride your horse on the knife edge", something that almost seems paradoxical but that suits Aquarius energy.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Can Aquarius Handle Money Well?

Roswitha Broszath: Aquarius is ruled by two planets. In ancient astrology, there were only the planets to Saturn, which was assigned as ruler of Aquarius. When Uranus was discovered, it was also assigned to Aquarius. That's why Aquarius has two souls in his chest: He can be chaotic in one area, but very strict and Saturnic in one area, highly concentrated and highly competent. These two sides are often lived out alternately and also show how to handle money. There are times when Aquarius thinks, "I have to be very housekeeping now," and then phases in which he actually throws the money out - and then resents it.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What about his health?

Roswitha Broszath: Conspicuous is the inadequate sense of pain in Aquarius.Aquarius-born people often have illnesses that are actually associated with great pain, but they do not perceive it. There is a risk that symptoms will not be taken seriously. Aquarians often have food intolerances. Because they are very responsive to external stimuli, including disharmony in their environment, it makes in connection with the food intolerances prone to certain diseases. Chronic mucosal inflammation - often in the intestine - occur for example in Aquarius. Other weak points are the veins. Aquarians often suffer from circulatory disorders. The nervous system and the thyroid of Aquarius are vulnerable. Allergies cause his immune system to get slightly out of balance. Aquarians often have difficulty falling asleep, because the wealth of ideas they have does not calm them down. As children, they often suffer from ADHD syndrome because they are flooded with stimuli.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What is the shadow of Aquarius?

Roswitha Broszath: He has many advantages, but where there is a lot of light is also shadow. A shadow of Aquarius is his noncommitment, if he lives it too strong and does not let anyone in on him. Aquarians can be cutting cold and properly punish their environment.

Aquarius is always in search of the ideal state. Because there is none, another shadow of Aquarius is dissatisfaction. An Aquarius is never satisfied with the achievement, but I would call that constructive dissatisfaction. She does not let him stay in the status quo, but she can be annoying too, especially in the partnership. But this dissatisfaction can not be blamed on Aquarius. On the one hand, it comes from the search for perfection. The unstable, which is also typical of him and always drives him on, but can also result from the fact that Aquarius is often born in special situations. If someone is born in the ambulance, on the plane or in the taxi, that's an Aquarian equivalent. At birth, it looks like it's still going on, and then the kid comes on the dot - by the way, an Aquarian term. Therefore, Aquarians are people who are hard pressed to stay in a situation that sometimes fears that they will not get out of a situation in time, and also afraid of being confined and limited. Outwardly, Aquarians often seem quite calm, but internally they are often under a great tension that drives them through life.

Aquarius-born have a strong sense of wrongdoing, otherwise they would not engage in outsiders and disenfranchised, although this commitment is also due to the fact that they often perceive themselves as outsiders. Although they propagate equal rights so much, Aquarians like to measure their own private life with double standards. For themselves, they claim more freedom and development opportunities than they allow the partner. Being with an Aquarius is exciting, but you have to rebuild that relationship over and over again. One can not bind an Aquarius to oneself; he loves according to the principle of voluntariness. He knows that in the main he has a commitment to himself and his own conscience and does not have to reveal himself completely to another person. Aquarians are already idiosyncratic people, which also shows in the outside. When people are attractively dressed, they often have a strong Aquarius accentuation.

Incidentally, the whole punk movement also belongs to Aquarius: the styling, the refusal of the establishment, against society, against hardened structures and norms. Aquarius is predestined to break up encrusted structures. He is also often born into families in which structures have become too solid. And then comes this extraordinary kid, shuffling the store and making change. By the way, this is often not thanked to him.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Eccentric, headstrong, unorthodox: which celebrities are typical Aquarians?

Roswitha Broszath: By whom we can see the distanced of Aquarius well, is Caroline of Monaco. Bridget Fonda has the social commitment that is typical of Aquarians. Frank Zander is also a committed Aquarius, who takes care of the homeless. The crazy that Aquarians can have is shown, for example, by Hella von Sinnen and Wigald Boning. Yoko Ono has this eccentric aura and eccentric was her relationship with John Lennon. Paris Hilton is also a typical Aquarius. Robbie Williams is sometimes traded as Aquarius and sometimes as Cancer. I believe that he is Aquarius, also because in the media so often puzzles about his sexual orientation. Aquarius is a sign that is asexual. That is, Aquarians may love same-sex or heterosexual. For them, the content of the relationship is more important than the form.

Incidentally, skater Marina Kielmann is also Aquarius, which is interesting because Aquarius women like to say they have something of an ice princess.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: And are Aquarius women really ice princesses?

Roswitha Broszath: They often look cooler than they actually are. You have a warm-hearted nature, but also a deep fear of injury, and therefore you are always on the look-out for letting someone in as far as it seems safe. The relationship is not the linchpin of an Aquarius woman. She will always be careful to remain an independent entity and reject others rather than giving up on her freedom. Aquarius women have an Amazonian femininity. They are intellectual, freedom-loving, and absolutely equal-minded, very often wearing trousers and by no means wearing ruffles or ribbons.

Emancipation is clearly an Aquarian term. Interestingly, there was also a dispute over the origin of the Aquarius symbol. The original symbol for Aquarius was female and then changed in ancient Egypt. And against that the emancipated Aquarius women have rebelled.

By the way, it's not like Aquarius women are not good mothers. They can spend a lot on their children. But they would never give up their profession. Because they want to be equally good in both areas, it is often overstrained. Aquarius women are often single mothers. From them one likes to hear something like: "Since I'm alone with my children, everything works better than before, so at least I know what I can rely on."

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