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"The wine is an excellent thing, the women pay attention - unfortunately too small" rhymed Wilhelm Busch. Since time immemorial, winegrowing and wine knowledge have traditionally been regarded as the domain of men, in which women can at best serve as smiling wine queens. But the times have changed. Although women in the wine business are still clearly in the minority, more and more quality-conscious winegrowers are conquering their place in the industry. Also thanks to Vinissima. Founded in 1991 in Southern Baden, the association is an association of winegrowers, traders and sommeliers, restaurant owners or journalists, with the declared goal of strengthening the position of women in the wine business and to ensure greater voice in the wine industry. With success. The number of oenologists, winegrowers etc. grows continuously. Once founded by seven Baden winegrowers, the association now has more than 230 members, has established contacts with similarly oriented groups abroad and, last year, with colleagues from France, Spain, Austria, Greece, Hungary and Switzerland, even became the "International Federation of Woman of Wine "(IFWW).

"The closed appearance is a big plus," says Beate Klingenmeier, Managing Director of Vinissima. "We want to pass on wine knowledge to women, educate ourselves and exchange information, in other words: make things fit for the wine industry." And now they are also having a say, as they have recently been represented in the German Winegrowing Association with their seat and voice.

The wine package

The winning wines of Vinissima

The fact that the winegrowers produce excellent wines, is now undisputed. This year, among the members and a total of 107 wines, the 'Vinissima Wine Prize' was awarded for the first time. The winning wines from the six categories (dry Riesling, dry white Burgundy varieties, Pinot Noir dry, other types of red wine, bouquet varieties and noble sweet) can be purchased as a wine package at a price of 92 Euro (including shipping and packaging) at the office, Dorfstr. 8, D-79235 Vogtsburg-Bischoffingen, Tel. 07662-9499630, Fax: 07662-9499631. More information about the wines, the winegrowers and the actions of the association's under

The Bee Gees - Wine & Women (1965) (July 2020).

Wilhelm Busch