Preview: Comedy "Deadly Comeback" with Martin Brambach

8:15 pm, The First, Deadly Comeback, Crime Comedy

Roy (Martin Brambach) and Bruno Singer (Ben Münchow) are a father-son team, which could not be more different: While the thoroughbred musician Roy in Berlin earns his money with not always legal business, Bruno works for the Hamburg police. His dream is to go to homicide - and to win the heart of his colleague Kyra Sperling (Elisa Schlott). His boss Tamara Rosenberg (Lina Beckmann) urgently advises him to stay away from his record-keeping father. When Bruno gets in contact with Roy after an accident with his mother but then after years, he is drawn into the world of crime.

20:15, RTL, The Bachelor, Kuppelshow

After Andrej dares with his date the adrenaline-rich "leap into the depths", the two are rewarded with a romantic dinner. After that, six ladies each have the chance to spend time with the bachelor: Whether on the basketball court or bachata dancing - it's going to be athletic! With a lady, the chemistry seems to be very special, the evening is relaxed with food and caresses completed.

8:15 pm, ProSieben, Spy - Susan Cooper Undercover, action comedy

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) works for the CIA - behind the desk. But when her partner and top agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) fails, she has to prove herself as an undercover agent and leave her comfort zone. For the security of the nation, she disguises herself as a single mother from Iowa, in search of a hidden bomb. In doing so, she steps into every imaginable faux pas.

8:15 pm, Tele 5, Not with me !, Drama

One night she gets into the wrong car: The student Trudy O'Donnell (Danielle Savre) comes out of the disco and takes a taxi. But instead of bringing her home, the driver stuns the young woman and passes by. Totally battered, Trudy awakens in a motel and goes to the police. But the investigation is tough, too tough for Trudy. She begins to investigate on her own.

20:15, RTL II, The Wollnys - A terribly big family !, Dokusoap

Mama Silvia is a big fan of Princess Diana. To make her happy, the children have organized a surprise trip to London with Harald. Here Silvia should be able to be very close to the "Queen of Hearts". But on their arrival in the British capital, there is a nasty surprise: In the specially rented apartment is everywhere dirt and mold. Luckily, the kids quickly find an alternative. Now the family can finally go on Diana's tracks. But how much is still to be felt by Silvia's idol?


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