Mother frustration: "It's not the kid that sucks, it's the job that's missing"

The Hamburg journalist Katrin Wilkens (47) and mother of three has titled "Mother creates! It's not the kid that sucks, it's the job that's missing? written a provocative book that encourages women to go new ways. Because from her experience as a re-entry coach for women she knows: The successful and tailor-made re-entry into the profession is for young women to the biggest challenge of their already dense life between 35 and 50. Why is one year after #MeToo still a book on the gender gap necessary?

Katrin WilkensBecause it's one of the last bastions that makes it worthwhile to take to the streets as a woman. 100 years ago, we demonstrated for the right to vote and the right to education, in the sixties we fought for a right to sexuality. Today we want for a right to family and work. And yes: this profession may also like to make fun and bring money.

You have in your book? Mother creates? written about your approximately 1000 consultations for women who are looking for a new job after the maternity leave. What is special about this target group?

That mothers are extremely organized, extremely well educated, and sometimes extremely modest in the time they spend with their children. For some customers, we first have to give them permission to dream before we turn and look for something that is realistic and sustainable right up to retirement.

What do mothers have to consider when it comes to pensions? 

Often there is one main earner, who takes care of the family budget - but unfortunately not to the pension insurance of the woman who provides every day for a full refrigerator and for practicing vocabulary. Care work is also work and must be remunerated as such.

What are the most common dream jobs of women who come to you?

Unfortunately, the café is still high on the wish list. Unfortunately, because it entails high initial investment, an enormous amount of time and real personnel challenges - with a very manageable wage, which you get afterwards. Interior is in second place, I would say. "Anything with sense? comes in third place.

Who should read your book?

Anyone who wants to know how to look for something to burn. Anyone who wants to know if burning is important to the job at all. Anyone looking for something new. Anyone who wants to pimp the old. Anyone who thinks that work belongs to the identity of mothers.

?Mother creates! It's not the kid that sucks, it's the job that's missing? by Katrin Wilkens has been published by Westend Verlag (18 Euro).

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