Is milk harmful or healthy?

Milk, the white poison?

For a long time, milk was considered not only healthy, but vital. Not to be forgotten from childhood, with biscuit or sweetened with cocoa, drunk with honey during a cold. "The milk makes it?" and "milk makes tired men wake up!", it sounded from the television sets.

But in times when food intolerances are booming, veganism is in vogue, and dairy-free paleo recipes are becoming more and more popular, the white food becomes a threat: it is suitable for calves and not for humans, promoting cancer and cardiovascular disease. And the lactose lactose contained in it is simply incompatible with the human digestive system.

What is it? 7 questions to graduate ecotrophologist Antje Gahl from the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) Is milk healthy or unhealthy?

Antje Gahl: Milk is a premium source of calcium. Therefore, we advocate their consumption at any age for building and maintaining stable bones. For optimum calcium intake, we recommend 200 to 250 grams of low-fat milk or dairy products daily.

What is still so healthy in it?

Fat-soluble vitamins such as D, E and K, but especially vitamin A and B vitamins. In addition, minerals such as zinc, phosphorus and iodine. And of course proteins.

More and more people are turning to lactose-free milk or alternatives such as rice, soy, or almond milk. Are there really more people who can not digest milk sugar?

15 to 20 percent of Germans are affected by lactose intolerance, which has not changed much in recent years.

Where does the trend towards lactose-free milk come from? Any trick of the industry that wants to sell their expensive lactose-free products?

We would also like to know that! One thing is clear: the awareness of food intolerances has grown. In addition, there are now simple diagnostic procedures such as the hydrogen breath test. Maybe it's also a bit of our coffee culture. In such a milk coffee is a whole glass of milk in it! Since it can already be that more people realize: I do not get along so well. In addition, lactose free products are readily available everywhere today.

Is lactose-free milk just as valuable as conventional milk?

Yes. Only one enzyme is added to the milk, which breaks down the lactose.

Milk opponents even make cow's milk responsible for cancer, cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Is that true?

No. It has even been noted that milk and dairy products slightly reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. It is only assumed that a very high milk consumption in men can increase the risk for prostate cancer. But this only applies if you consume more than one liter per day.

If I do not like milk? How do I get my calcium anyway?

Calcium is also found in green vegetables such as broccoli or spinach, in legumes, seeds and nuts. For example, 20 grams of hazelnuts contain 30 milligrams of calcium. And you can also drink calcium-rich mineral water.

Is Dairy Bad For You? - The Truth About Milk (July 2020).

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