Ginspirierend: This is the first ginotel in the world!

Inspiration on three floors

From the rustic Resting Room Bar on the ground floor, to the Gin Tonica Bar with adjoining restaurant on the first floor, to the boardroom on the second floor where you celebrate a rather exclusive gin party with your own bartender and then next door into one of the three drop new guest room. With 150 euros per night, the city trip is not a bargain, but at night in London maybe even cheaper than the taxi ride to another hotel.

© The Distillery / Private


© The Distillery / Private


Sip by sip a treat

Anyone who thinks they can get drunk without restraint in "The Distillery" may be wrong. So, you can already, but then costs accordingly. The house emphasizes indulgence and exclusivity. After all, one is here in the noble Notting Hill, not in the crazy Soho.

All drinks and food at the Ginotel are like a small work of art. Here is a bit of lavender, there is some orange and the taste explosion is done. There should be something for every taste. And if you do not like gin or if you're looking for something different in between, do you also enjoy whiskeys and vodka creations in the Gin Tonica Bar, even the most savory with asparagus notes? Asparagus!

© The Distillery / Private

The treasure in the cellar

The historic "Ginstitute" is the heart of the Gin Hotel. It was once the smallest museum in London. Today, the house's own Portobello Road Gin is distilled and, of course, also eaten right away.

If you want to explore the depths of the gin world with Master Distiller Jake Burger and his ginstructors, you can book a three-hour workshop. Costs 135 euros and includes four cocktails and two bottles of fresh distillate? one that you make yourself and one from the house.