Erika Bergers (?) Son unpacks: "She left us !?

In the 1980s, Erika Berger (? 76) was Germany's chief enlightener: in her RTL advisory program? A Chance for Love? She counseled helpless citizens on the phone in terms of orgasm, group sex, infidelity and contraception. She is said to have become pregnant by accident.

In May, Germany's first prominent sex expert died unexpectedly in her apartment in Cologne.

Now tell her alleged son in the "Bild am Sonntag", as it should have been in the house Berger. The Munich is called Stefan P., works as a tattoo artist and is even littered with tattoos.

"I do not want to throw a damn, but also do not gloss over anything," said the 54-year-old at the meeting with image reporters in Munich. His mother left the family when he was about five years old. In the further life she did not care any more about her children.

"Erika Berger was not a simple mother?

Stefan P. further said that Erika Berger - not a simple mother? has been. In the mid-sixties she left her family after the divorce? not only her ex-husband, but also him and his sister Germanine.

The two children were then with her father and her stepmother in? Very loving circumstances? grew up. But Stefan P. had rarely had any contact with his birth mother Erika. "I've seen them on TV more often than in reality."

Despite her assets she had never supported her son financially? she just paid the lawyers if he built crap? have.

Nevertheless, he and his sister always loved the mother. And he is sure: "She loved us, we have no doubt about that."

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