• July 10, 2020

A little story of the skin

Prof. Volker Steinkraus

What would our skin tell if it could talk?

The skin would say, 'Do not tease me with so many unnecessary things from the outside, but leave me alone'. Our skin is a power factory that can do its job very well. Your main task is to protect. The skin should prevent dangerous things coming from the outside in and valuable from the inside out. A cosmetic only serves to support the skin. It should cleanse, care for and protect it, which the skin can do on its own.

Humans should treat the skin with peace and only minimal intervention, such as with a good care cream. The comes without artificial ingredients and is composed only of biological components. There are now cosmetics that contain a nutrient solution of vitamins, minerals and trace elements instead of water. This gives the skin all the building blocks to fulfill its tasks by itself.

How does the skin change in the course of life?

The development of the skin depends on two factors. The first is the inherited genes, the second is the lifestyle of every human being. Who smokes a lot, often exposes himself to the sun unprotected and constantly stressed, harms his skin considerably. We have the lifestyle - and thus the condition of the skin - in our own hands. The aging that our genes claim is inevitable. It begins with the fact that the connective tissue changes. The elastic material is degraded and replaced by inferior. In addition, moisture is missing. This changes the profile of the skin, which is noticeable as wrinkles.

Furthermore, the epidermis becomes thinner and does not sit so tight on the dermis. The vessels will continue and become brittle. The cornea is formed unevenly, causing an irregular browning is visible in sunlight. These complex changes create so-called 'aging skin'.

Can wrinkles be reversed?

Wrinkles can only be repaired conditionally, so prevention is better than aftercare. Depending on the type of wrinkle, there are several ways to improve the outer appearance of the skin. Small wrinkles can be treated with a laser or vitamin A acid therapy. Deeper wrinkles can be compensated with an injection. Undo can not make wrinkles, because nobody can turn back the biological clock.

What characterizes the skin of a woman in the individual stages of life?

At the age of 20, the skin is very uncomplicated. It is still wrinkle-free, has enough of its own fats and is evenly browned with lots of sunshine. In addition, the skin is so youthful that it can compensate well for influences that contribute to aging. Although it may already damage, but they are not yet visible. The skin at the age of 30 shows first wrinkles around the eyes, is dry in places and the connective tissue changes. At 30, the skin gradually shows how it has been maltreated throughout life. At age 40, the minimal wrinkles of 30-year-olds are more pronounced. The further development of the skin depends on the hormonal balance of a woman and the influence of genetic predisposition and lifestyle.

When does the aging process begin?

Up to the age of 25 hardly any aging of the skin is visible. Only under the microscope could a tissue sample be used to determine how much a woman has put a strain on her skin. Then you can retell the story of this skin without ever having seen the woman.

The visible aging process begins around the end of 20, depending on the predisposition. For people whose lives are characterized by stress, too much sun and smoking, rather. But more important is that your own concept of beauty fits the age. Because the main thing is to age happy and healthy.

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