The first gay couple with a common adopted child

Since Monday it is official and official: Maximilian is the son of Kai and Michael Korok! Immediately after the introduction of "marriage for all", the gay couple had their registered partnership converted into a marriage on 2 October and subsequently submitted an application for adoption for their foster child Maximilian.

Now has the district court Tempelhof-Kreuzberg granted the request? The Koroks are thus according to gay and Lesbian Association Germany in this country, the first homosexual couple with a common adopted son.

A nice feeling

It feels nice, said Michael Korok, "but actually not much changes, we have always felt like a complete family." Since his birth, the two-year-old Maximilian lives with the Koroks. Besides him, a nine-year-old girl and a six-year-old son grow up with the couple? both should initially continue to be foster children for private reasons.

Care versus adoption? formal difference with great effect

Even if the fathers do not make any difference between foster and adoptive children, as they say? the state does one. The annual control appointments at the youth welfare office, which are for foster parents, but not for adoptive parents, are just one example. In the case of inheritance issues or when relatives have to make certain decisions (for example on the medical treatment after a serious accident), the status of foster or adoptive child is decisive.

Before 1 October, when homosexual couples were allowed to marry, it was not legally possible for them to adopt children together.

My Two Mums (The Myths of Gay Adoption) | Lynne Elvins | TEDxBristol (July 2020).

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