Smooth skin through good food: 5 foods that have it all

If you want a smoother, firmer skin, you do not always have to resort to the expensive care cream: Your diet also has a major influence on the elasticity of the skin and connective tissue!

Natural collagen against cellulite and wrinkles

Fortunately, your body has a secret weapon against wrinkles and cellulite: collagen. This is the main ingredient that your body uses to produce skin, teeth, bones, blood vessels and cartilage. Especially for the connective tissue collagen is important and ensures that it is strengthened and stabilized. The firmer the connective tissue, the tighter the skin is stretched - and wrinkles and cellulite have no chance.

This happens when the collagen level drops

When wrinkles form in the skin, this is mainly because the collagen content in the body has dropped. Over the years, every human being degrades his collagen and produces less and less of the important protein fibers. This not only results in wrinkles on the face, because the skin loses tension. Especially the face loses radiance and often looks paler and more exhausted.

First aid for skinned skin

For this reason, many cosmetic and skin care products rely primarily on artificial collagen - even Botox injections are now preferably replaced by collagen. Such an injection is usually not necessarily pleasant - but luckily there are other ways to bring the body back collagen.

Better skin through better food

Of course, there are also a number of dietary supplement products that are supposed to strengthen and stabilize the skin with artificial collagen. It is not absolutely necessary to resort to such powders - many foods work much better. In addition to being good-tasting and generally healthy, these foods have important ingredients that stimulate the body's natural collagen production - helping you naturally to achieve a firmer skin. In the video you can see the most important nutrition tips at a glance!

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