Relaxation for the muscles

1. The tree

1. The tree

?That brings it? S: Improves and promotes balance control and relaxes the entire leg musculature.

That's how it's done: Stand upright. Lift one leg and lift the foot against the ankle or lower leg of the leg. Advanced women put their feet against the thigh. Then bring your hands together in prayer prayer. Balancing.

Hold position for 1 minute. Switch legs. Exercise 1 time per leg.

2. Sufi circles?

2. Sufi circles

That brings it? S: Works against fatigue and fatigue, improves posture, relaxes and enhances body awareness.

That's how it's done: Sit on the floor. Like sitting cross-legged, only put your left foot on your right thigh and your right foot under your left thigh. Knees are at the same height. Put your hands on your knees and keep your elbows relaxed. Move head and spine into a straight line. The upper body rotates about the longitudinal axis to the right, front, left and back to the center. Make the movement slow and lead from the breastbone. When moving forward back straight, backward round.

Turn 5 times in each direction.

3. Half candle

3. Half candle

?That brings it? S: Circulates the cervical and thoracic organs, helps against leg overload, stretches the neck muscles.

That's how it's done: Lie on your back. Relax muscles, breathe deeply. While breathing out, lift your hips, push palms under your buttocks and support your pelvis with your hands. Put your feet up over your head and stay there.

Approximately Hold for 2-3 minutes. Then take a deep breath and roll back slowly. 2-3 minutes break.

4. child attitude?

4. Child-minding

That brings it? S: Serves relaxation, letting go. Lead in and collect the thoughts. Rest.

That's how it's done: Sit in the heel seat and place the upper body on the thighs. The forehead rests on the ground. The arms are on the side of the body on the floor so that the backs of your hands are in contact with the floor.

Approximately Hold for 2-3 minutes.

5. Dead man and lion

5. Dead man and lion

That brings it? S: Relaxed during stress, tongue, floor of the mouth and face are supplied with blood.

That's how it's done: Lie on your back. The legs are stretched, the arms are relaxed next to the body, the backs of the hands are on the ground. Close your eyes now. Take a deep breath and relax. Relax for five minutes. Then exhale vigorously, tearing eyes and mouth and sticking out his tongue, like a lion.

Hold for 10-20 seconds. Let go again. Repeat the lion 3 times.

Progressive Relaxation (April 2020).

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