Preview: "The soldier James Ryan" has to go home

20:15, the first, no one pushes us away, social comedy

Gelsenkirchen, 1979. By chance, Lilli (Alwara Höfels) learns that her husband Kalle (Karsten Antonio Mielke) and his colleagues receive significantly more pay for their work than the women in the photo lab. And that, even though Kalle has not been in operation so long. Lilli and her two friends, Gerda (Imogen Kogge) and Rosi (Katharina Marie Schubert), are upset and want to tackle it, but has been in the Basic Law for over 30 years: men and women are equal ...

20:15, kabel eins, The soldier James Ryan, war drama

World War II, 1944: The Allies prepare to land on the Normandy coast. Here, Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) with his unit to penetrate behind the enemy lines, there to get out the soldier James Ryan (Matt Damon) - last survivor of four brothers. Although the Sonderkommando manages to push deep into enemy territory, Miller's men are increasingly questioning their command.

20:15, ZDFneo, The Bourne conspiracy, action thriller

After escaping from his CIA pursuers, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) and his girlfriend Marie (Franka Potente) spend happy days in Goa, India. Meanwhile, the US intelligence in Berlin wants to acquire explosive documents that accuse a CIA agent of embezzlement. The Russian contract killer Kirill (Karl Urban) kills those involved in the transfer, steals the documents and leaves the fingerprint of Jason Bourne at the scene. A little later, he arrives on Goa to eliminate Bourne.

20:15, RTL, Mario Barth presents: The truth about man and woman, comedy show

"Are women smarter than men?", "Who's in charge of home, mom or dad?" or "Can a woman also go to the men's loo?" There are so many questions that move us every day. Only, adults often owe the right answers. Finally, to bring light into the dark, comedian Mario Barth has brought the most honest and ruthless adviser on board: children!

22:45, BR, Mollath - And suddenly you're crazy, doc

It is probably the largest judicial scandal that has shaken Bayern in recent years: Gustl Mollath, the operator of a specialized in the restoration of classic cars repair shop, was after the separation of his wife because of alleged physical violence and property damage in the "psychiatric misconduct "instructed. But after six years in psychiatry, according to research by journalists, many doubts about the allegations and the rule of law at the time.

Saving Private Ryan (4/7) Movie CLIP - It Doesn't Make Any Sense (1998) HD (July 2020).

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