Preview: "The Nest Stool" struggles in the first for his great love

8:15 pm, The First, The Nest Stool, Comedy

The draftsman Armin (Francis Fulton-Smith) comes to life with breathtaking precision too short: in the job, in everyday life and unfortunately also in love. When Armin least expects it, a miracle occurs. Surprisingly, in the 45-year-old florist Tina (Carin C. Tietze), he finally finds a woman who loves his humor and does him good. However, a happy togetherness of the freshly loved one is in the way. Armin's opponent is not an attractive alpha type, but just the 27-year-old son of his beloved. Hendrik (Florentin Will), a stubborn nest stool, does not want to clear the field without a fight.

20:15, ProSieben, The ProSieben Winter Games, Show

Adrenaline. Action. Adventure. The first "ProSieben Wintergames" - live in St. Anton am Arlberg. On the slopes of the Austrian Alps, daring celebrity teams compete for two days in extreme fun winter sports. Exceptional top sport paired with plenty of thrills! Amongst others: Stefan Mross, Anna-Carina Woitschack, Paul Janke, Jessica Paszka, Joey Kelly, Jana Julie Kilka, Lucas Cordalis and Miriam Höller. Jürgen Milski has to stop because of an injury.

8:15 pm, Arte, Little Goat, Stubborn, Road Movie Comedy

Jakob (Wotan Wilke Möhring) is a life artist - or even the classic loser type. He earns the bare minimum through his appearances as Elvis impersonator most popular in retirement homes. One day, Julia, one of his ex-affairs, calls in after 12 years of silence to tell him that he is not only the father of a daughter named Mai (Sofia Bolotina), but that she is also on his way to him. This comes at the worst possible moment for Jacob, as he has just accepted a job as a driver for a transport company. The car: a rickety truck. The freight: a stubborn sheepskin. The destination: Norway. And where to now with the child? Sure: May Jakob must accompany to Norway.

20:15, RTL, The Ultimate Chart Show - The most popular Christmas hits of women and men, music show

What would Christmas be without the Christmas hits? The classics accompany us through the Advent season and the holidays. They are the soundtrack to the feast, cookie baking, tree decorating and gift packing. Here, the preferences of women differ from those of men, because each sex has its own favorite songs. Oliver Geissen presents in a new "Chart Show" the most popular Christmas hits of men and women!

21:00, ONE, The Last Gentleman, Comedy

Louis Ives (Paul Dano) has fallen out of time. He would most like to be a character from a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. But the present gets him angry. His scandalous weakness for bras cost him his job as a junior teacher at Princeton University. Disillusioned, he moves to Manhattan, where as a lodger of the quirky writer Henry Harrison (Kevin Kline), he meets a new fascinating world: that of a true gentleman. While Louis works at an environmental magazine during the day, Henry teaches him the art of worldly companionship of rich elderly ladies.

Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Office (July 2020).

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