Peer Kusmagk: Bad surprise after the holiday

What a bad surprise! As reported by the "Bild" newspaper, Peer Kusmagk (43) and his family have been victims of a burglary during their winter vacation. The perpetrators then climbed through a broken window, ransacked the Potsdam apartment and tore up Christmas presents. "We were in the snow in the French Alps for a few days, when we came back it was shock, everything was ransacked," Kusmagk told the paper.

Although hardly anything has gotten away, so the radio host, but the whole thing was a great shock to him, his wife Janni Hönscheid (28) and their son Emil-Ocean. "It's not about anything missing, it's just a bad feeling someone was in your house and ransacked everything!" That's why the little family spends Christmas time elsewhere: "We'd rather drive to the sea."

Lena Meyer Landruts Sturz (July 2020).

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