• July 10, 2020

New study: At this age, the risk of an infidelity is greatest

Would you have thought that there is a special age for alienating? A study of the British Affair Portals? Illicitencounters? revealed that the most people with 39 years to cheat on their partner. In general, the end of an age decade, ie 29, 39, 49, etc. is typical of sexual adventures outside the partnership. Other studies have shown that we begin to behave differently shortly before a big birthday? as far as our sex life is concerned.

The salary also plays a role

Interesting: Even our material dependence on the partner has an influence on whether we cheat him. The sociology professor Christin Munsch the University of Connecticut examined the results of the National Longitude Survey of Youth (NLSY97) and came to the conclusion: the more we financially dependent on the partnerthe sooner we go alien. Hach, crazy world ...

Is Infidelity Unavoidable? | Personality and Risk Factors (July 2020).