My favorite place: The quiet place

On very crazy days, I treat myself to the way a frozen pizza. I'm already putting it in the oven while I'm still bringing my children to bed. A little later, I stretch my big toe into the much too hot water, I know: that's exactly how happiness feels.

My bathtub and I have had a close relationship for decades. As a kid, my brother and I played for hours with a small harbor and three boats until the water became colder and our lips turned blue. When I was a teenager, I saw Beverly Hills 90210 every Saturday from there, and then stayed there until the skin was quite wrinkled. During the study, there was a dry spell: The bathroom in my shared apartment was felt two square meters, you fell from the bathroom door half in the sink and squeezed from there to the bathroom and shower. The apartment and me: That did not last long. After a year, we broke up.

Bubble bath instead of sports show

When men want to relax, they watch sports shows, read kickers or go to the bathroom with the newspaper. I go to the tub. This is my quiet place. Stress in the job, quarrels with the partner, cries of children? I bury everything under mountains of foam. If any of it wants to surface again, I'll let in some hot water. At the latest when I pull the plug, my skin and the world around me are all pink again.

A friend of mine once said, "As long as you have your bath, you do not need a couple therapist." I think she's right, after a session with my tub, I'm totally forgiving, I think my friend is really fantastic and his quirks really adorable When the paper turns back, he knows exactly what he has to do: "I'll let you in the water, yes?


In Flames - The Quiet Place (March 2021).