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Never again smeared mascara

How to prevent: If you apply eye cream in the morning, you should make sure that it is completely absorbed, otherwise it is the ink as a "means of transport" to bleed. In addition, you can easily dust off the skin around the eye.

The best technique: When the eyelashes are long and straight, they touch the skin when blinking. Color (especially waterproof) can dissolve through the skin fat. Bending the eyelashes with eyelash curlers can help. Other options: use a water- and grease-resistant mascara or apply a fixation gel after the shower (eg "Double Fix'Mascara" by Clarins). It is removed in the evening with warm water.

In addition, make sure that no clumps on the brush or on the eyelashes hang, which eventually settle on the skin heat and become panda bear edges.

If you want to completely avoid the stress of lubrication, colors the eyelashes, and has about three weeks rest.

Lipstick can last forever


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