• July 14, 2020

Do dogs really need a winter coat?

Pets also freeze in winter. But is it really necessary to wear them warm? After all, they have naturally inherited a thick coat, which is sufficient as protection against the cold - or not?

When the "dog coat" makes sense.

It really depends on the breed you own. Some animals are worse off with cold than others. Small dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers are more cold-sensitive than big dogs. Sudden strong temperature differences can often not be put away so quickly by her little body. And last but not least, their extra-short legs make them especially over the cold ground and even more cool. Veterinarians therefore recommend that smaller dog breeds are protected against the cold once again. Also, the coat length play a role: dogs with extremely short fur are badly attacked by the cold - and even long-haired dogs that are just "shorn" fresh, at this time no longer have the necessary protection from extreme temperatures.

The special puppy protection

The age of the dog also plays a role: Puppies do not yet have a robust immune system and may suffer from strong temperature fluctuations. And even old dogs often can not move as much in the cold as they used to, causing their body to cool down. And: If your dog is sick, a warmth support is highly recommended!

So you'll know if your dog is freezing!

If a dog feels uncomfortable and suffers from the cold weather, he usually understands that clearly through his body language. Safe signs are a raised back when the tail is pulled under the abdomen or the muscles visibly shiver with the cold. If the actually playful dog suddenly does not want to leave the apartment, that is a clear sign!

You should pay attention to that!

The best is clothing that is waterproof and fits snugly against the body so it does not restrict the dog's freedom of movement. Above all, it is important that your pet feels well in his clothes - after all, you do not want to have to struggle every day to put on the dog coat.

How to Choose a Winter Coat For Your Dog (July 2020).

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