• July 12, 2020

Cuffs knit in the waistband pattern

Instructions for knit cuffs? in the federal pattern

Material: 50g yellowgreen, size 11, wool, quality? Pacolana? (47% virgin wool, 23% alpaca wool, 30% polyamide, run length 135 m / 50 g) by Schulana, 1 double pointed needles size 5.

Note: It is possible that the given wool can not be bought anymore. In this case, you are looking for a similar quality. Please note the specified run length and do a stitch test!

Federal pattern (BM): 2 sts left, 2 sts to the right.

Knitting tension: Knitted in the BM result 16 M x 22 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Manual: Cast on 40 sts, close to round and knit in BM. At a height of 21 cm cast off all sts.

More ideas about knitting complacent? Then try knit cap, knit wrist warmers or knit headband. Incidentally, crocheting and sewing are also great fun, and the results are perfect gifts to give away.

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Bands.. Bands... Bands!! Easy Sewing Tips for Neckbands, Waistbands, and Sleeve Cuffs. (July 2020).

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