Crime TV Tips: A tragic case for the "criminalist"

20:15 clock, ZDF, The Kriminalist: home

Leander Reinert crashes in the immediate vicinity of his parents' house to death. Schumann (Christian Berkel) suspects that the youth who persecuted Leander forced him to make that leap. While Schumann identifies what led Leander to turn his back on his life three years ago and leaves, a girl, Magdalena Wróbel (Paulina Walendziak), emerges, also missing for years. Where was their common home? What did they run away from?

20:15, ZDFneo, Father Brown: small details

At a diorama vernissage, the artist Agnes (Mariah Gale) exposes murder scenarios for the police. Including a model of the deadly fall of her mother. Shortly thereafter Inspector Webb, who also visited the exhibition, was found dead. The main suspect is Inspector Mallory (Jack Deam), on whose coat traces of blood were found. Father Brown (Mark Williams) takes over the investigation to relieve Mallory.

21:15, ZDF, SOKO Leipzig: The intrigue

Journalist Aleksander Gretzky (Daniel Lommatzsch) kneels next to his dead partner: he still holds the murder tool in his hands when Jan (Marco Girnth) approaches with his weapon drawn. The case seems to be resolved quickly, Gretzky admits the murder. But gradually, the investigators come across inconsistencies and find out that Gretzky is a key player in a political scandal that consists of fake news and the death of a politician.

22:05, Sat1.Gold, The Bull of Tolz: death of a priest

To escape deportation, an asylum-seeker family has been entrenched in the church. The whole village supports them. But then the news of the storming of the church puts all on alert, especially when the pastor refuses to take the family to another place. The next day, the housekeeper Lucia (Anica Dobra) finds the dead pastor in the church.

The Teen Who Never Came Home From The Store | Hometown Homicide: Local Mysteries (July 2020).

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