Autumn 2018: The best tips against the cold wave

Every year the same circus: No sooner will it be autumnal and thus cooler, sniffing and snuffing it everywhere. Therefore, getting infected with a cold on the way to the office every day becomes a balancing act for many. However, if you follow some ancient wisdom, it protects and strengthens your immune system at the same time.

wash your hands

This phrase applies in autumn and winter very special: do not forget to wash your hands! The viruses are often transmitted by humans to objects and passed on to other people. That is why one is especially in the subway not safe from a nasty cold. Anyone who sneezes should also sneeze in a handkerchief rather than in their hands.

avoid stress

Anyone who has a lot of stress in everyday life is more susceptible to colds. Those who are already plagued by cold symptoms should therefore take it easy. Instead of tormenting your handkerchiefs after work with a cold and a family wrapper for various appointments or after-work events, you should spend the evening at home on the couch, perhaps take a cold bath and then watch the new or old favorite series. The friends and colleagues, who are not infected by it, will thank it.

Ginger in any form

Ginger is considered one of the best remedies for cold in Ayurvedic teaching. At the first sign of cold symptoms, it is recommended to drink two to three cups of self-brewed ginger tea throughout the day. To do this, cut a piece of fresh ginger root into thin slices, pour over boiling water and then let the tea draw for ten minutes. The essential oils are also said to have an analgesic effect. If you want, you can add turmeric, honey and cinnamon at will.

Drink a lot

Anyone who already drinks several cups of ginger tea throughout the day already does a lot of things right. Providing the body with sufficient fluid is incredibly important in the time of cold. Drinking supports the healing process.


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