The Wild Bunch: Western classic is to be reissued under Mel Gibson

After the "Glorious Seven" now gets this wild bunch a remake donated? The film studio Warner Bros. would like to give the Western classic "The Wild Bunch" of 1969 apparently a modern touch. Mel Gibson (62) is to direct the fortunes of the new edition in several crucial positions, reports the US-American side "Deadline".

So Gibson was not only considered a director, but will author Bryan Bagby also write the script and also act as an executive producer. Like the original "The Wild Bunch", this is a remake of a group of outlaws who want to make big splash again before the Wild West era is over and the industrial age reaches them as well.

It's getting bloody

The film by Sam Peckinpah was extremely brutal at the time of its creation. With that, Gibson could be the perfect successor on the director's chair. His stripes of the brand "Braveheart", "The Passion of Christ" or, most recently, the war drama "Hacksaw Ridge - The Decision" are known for their explicit and sometimes over-criticized representation of violence. A possible start date for the remake is still in the stars.

The Three Stooges (March 2023).

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