Stranger Things: That's why the third season will come in the summer of 2019

The fans of "Stranger Things" have to wait for the third season for some time. At an event in Beverly Hills, Netflix Program Director Cindy Holland confirmed, according to Entertainment Weekly, that the sci-fi hit series will not be back on screen until the summer of 2019. At the same time she promised that the new episodes will be better than the second season, which had caused mixed reactions among the fans.

The season "will be worth the wait"

"It's a handmade show," Holland continues. The creators of the series wanted to deliver "something bigger and better than last year". "I think it will be a fantastic season and it will be worth the wait." Among other things, the new episodes will receive more special effects, she noted: "It's a really exciting season, which only needs a little more time."

A few weeks ago a promo teaser for the third season of "Stranger Things" was released. Although this does not show scenes from the new season of the Netflix series, but a promotional clip - in a first-class retro look - for the fictional "Starcourt Mall" im!

Stranger Things 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix (July 2020).

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