Storm of love: Mona Seefried is looking forward to new projects and ...

The successful telenovela "Sturm der Liebe" (weekdays, 15:10, the first) has been thrilling fans since autumn 2005. And equally long is the Viennese actress Mona Seefried (61) already on board. But with the 2921st episode, which airs on Wednesday (16.5.), Charlotte Saalfeld now says goodbye to the Hotel Fürstenhof and thus once and for all from the spectators. Seefried tells interview spot on news why she stops, what she will miss and what she is looking forward to the most.

Why do you stop and how hard is the farewell?

Mona Seefried: For me, the figure of Charlotte Saalfeld is told. The woman was allowed to experience everything - except for her own death (laughs). I go with a laughing and a crying eye. 13 years are a very long time, but I love the change.

Who will miss you most and what will you not miss?

Seefried: I will miss anyone. Because with the actors, with whom I am friends, I meet anyway anyway. I completed the other one. I will not miss to learn the vast amount of text in a short time.

When was the last scene shot? And how was it afterwards? Were there tears and gifts?

Seefried: We shot the last scene on the 8th of March in the afternoon. Then there was a very nice farewell speech by the producer with flowers - I was very happy about that.

How did the fans react to their announcement?

Seefried: Very positive! 99 percent were sad, but wished me all the best for the future.

And what are you looking forward to the most?

Seefried: Most of all, I'm looking forward to new projects, new projects, new projects and free time.

Storm of Love Barbara ' s exit (March 2023).

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