Ski: Andrea Berg and DJ Ötzi celebrate snow party in Austria

The town of Bad Hofgastein in the Austrian town of Pongau is a jewel among the ski resorts. Down in the village there is still the dignified elegance of a traditional spa. At the top of the piste it is rather quiet and comfortable. Ideal for families with children and guests looking for relaxation rather than competitive sports or action on their skiing holiday. But there was a problem between the valley and the summit ...

The old Schlossalmbahn has gotten old

The good, old Schlossalmbahn (built in 1964) jerked in a slowness up the mountain, which put even the patience of the hardest nostalgic to a test. Sure: The old funicular was pretty to look at and it evoked feelings about the days when skiing was a luxury and not a mass sport. But who would like to change at the middle station today?

The new train is traveling twice as fast

The times are over: Since December 1, the ultramodern new Schlossalmbahn is making its rounds, from the valley floor Bad Hofgastein via the middle station Kitzstein to the mountain station Kleine Scharte. The capacity is doubled to 3015 persons / hour, the speed with 6 meters per second also. And architecturally, the whole thing is a real eye-catcher anyway.

Big party with Andrea Berg, DJ Ötzi and the Fantastic Four

The renewal of the railway is worth a party to the region, which has never happened before. On the weekend of January 18, under the motto "Sound & Snow", a big break with stars like Andrea Berg (Friday), Fantastic Four (Saturday), DJ Ötzi (Sunday) and star DJ Martin Garrix (Sunday) will be rising. Also the pre-program can be seen with acts like Left Boy, big city whisperer, Mike Williams and Darius & Finlay. The party will take place in the arena on the grounds of the Schlossalmbahn valley station and partly also directly on the Schlossalm (2100 meters).

The hoteliers are happy about the new splendor in the town

Just a few meters from the party grounds, directly on the slopes, lies the 4-star hotel Das.Goldberg. Chef Vera Seer is looking forward to it, "when international artists and music acts rock the stage in Gastein." The hostess, who can not complain about the lack of popularity of her exclusive home anyway, says: "The new Schlossberg lift will only have a positive effect on tourism in the Gastein Valley, making the winter sports region feel like a modern ski area."

Fears that the new high-tech railway could threaten the contemplative character of the place, they do not share. There is still a good relationship between guest beds and residents.

Your house will clearly be one of the winners of the modernization of the railway and the slopes. It is located directly on the slopes and offers a natural spectacle, infinity pool, sauna lounge and luxury suites with fireplace a special spectacle: Every evening in winter pulling at dinner time snow caterpillars in front of the guests their tracks. The glass restaurant is so cleverly built into the mountain that the guest can literally sit in the middle of the track being worked on by the caterpillars and enjoy his menu.

Also the ski area becomes more interesting

In addition to the faster track and the ski resort is upgraded overall. After the gondola ride, winter sports enthusiasts can now expect more than 1000 vertical meters of pistes on four ski mountains. The longest slope goes from the top station at 2073 meters to the valley station at 850 meters. If you still have the strength, you only need nine minutes to get back to the top.

Sölden to go #03 - Einkehrschwünge | Winterseason 17/18 (March 2023).

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