Crime TV tips: Falcon and Lorenz on smuggler hunting in the "crime scene"

20:15 clock, WDR, crime scene: The cowardice of the lion

In a park near Oldenburg the body of a man is found. The German-Syrian apparently had contact with a smuggling ring, which has been under surveillance by the federal police for some time. Commissioner Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring) and his colleague Lorenz (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) investigate in the sworn German-Syrian community. The horror of the civil war overshadows their living together, as many of the German-Syrians living in Oldenburg have taken in war refugees.

20:15 clock, ZDFneo, The duo: Dead lie better

Clara Hertz (Lisa Martinek) is waiting for her cleaning lady Heidrun, who is supposed to take care of little Gustav for once. But instead of Heidrun, a stranger is standing in front of Clara's door: Franziska (Antonia Gerke) introduces himself as Heidrun's representative. Clara takes Gustav into the area and checks Franziska's certificate of good conduct. It turns out that Franziska has a criminal past. Clara drives home immediately and finds Franziska stabbed on the floor. The search for the murderer is accompanied by the collapse of a huge building of lies.

10:15 pm, rbb, Police Call 110: Dead people do not inherit

Already initial investigations show that an accident was only pretended, and that the dead man was obviously involved in the smuggling with fake spare parts. For the evidence that the car dealer Lindner (Michael Lott) is the culprit, find the commissioners no evidence. And there is also the lovingly crazy Waltraud Mengelmann (Rosemarie Fendel). The old lady suddenly stands with her lawyer in Schmücke's (Jaecki Schwarz) office and is adamant that her sister was murdered, even though the bungler has claimed that she died a natural death.

Hyperspace | Wikipedia audio article (July 2020).

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