Brave: Woman tells why she hid half her face for years

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Ivanka Danisová (30) from Bratislava suffers from the so-called Goldenhar syndrome since her birth? a genetic defect that leads to a malformation of the face. As a child she was often bullied for her looks. "I was a small, shy girl who fought for every small success at school to prove to everyone that one day I would grow up and be worth something"she tells 'Daily Mail'.

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Today she shares her fate with the world

For a long time, she hides her right half of her face behind her hair or holds her hand in front of her face. That's enough of that. Ivanka can not be beaten today. She makes the decision to deal with her illness openly. Thus, she wants to encourage other victims.

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Three years ago, the next horror diagnosis: leukemia. "When the disease was diagnosed, I was given no hope, and I did not even believe I would survive.", she tells. But the Slovak is fighting. "It's a tough time in my life as I fight both leukemia and Goldenhar syndrome, but I want to win the fight."

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She is the first European Goldenhar syndrome patient to be treated in the US. The young woman has already twice put under the knife to reconstruct her face. Another surgery will follow in September, but the treatments are expensive. Therefore, she has started a crowdfunding campaign and is grateful for any support.

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With her campaign 'Rainbow for Ivanka' she wants to raise awareness about the disease. Especially in their homeland, Slovakia, we taboo the disease. She is now fighting for more acceptance.

Chapeau, Ivanka!

Despite her severe health situation, she has an impressive fighting spirit: "For the future, my greatest desire is to be able to see the world, like a healthy rainbow child, continue my work as a lawyer, study at Harvard, and eventually lead a normal life without surgery."she explains. We wish her all the best!

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