7 tips to help you gain more control over your life

The car driving ahead at a snail's pace. The food offer in the canteen. The mood of the woman who sells you the coffee to go. The weather. All things we can not control. Nevertheless, we often quarrel with situations beyond our control.

Wasted time, says Catherine Goldberg. The American social media and neuro-marketing specialist advises to focus on the things in life in which we can make a difference: "These are only a few - more precisely seven," writes Goldberg in the Internet magazine Greatist.

1. Be thankful

Anyone who thinks about it every night, for which it can be grateful, benefits from it. At least studies suggest that a relationship between gratitude and emotional well-being was found. In short: often inwardly thanks say the quality of life increases. You can still use some jump start? The Leuphana University L√ľneburg offers gratitude training.

2. Soothe the inner critic

He is the eternally dissatisfied. Complains without ceasing. We can never do it right: our inner critic. First of all, we should consciously pay attention to how often we engage in negative self-talk every day. In the next step, we learn to be more benevolent with our weaknesses. For example, by saying, "Okay, that was not so good now, but nobody is perfect."

3. To move

Catherine Goldberg says: Without movement, it does not work. It does not have to be the big jogging round, but: "20 minutes a day you should get up". The easiest way is to leave the car and go for a few laps. Studies have shown that we can boost our creativity while walking and think better.

4. Breathe properly

Often we only notice how we breathe in stressful situations: too fast, too much in the stomach. If you consciously breathe, it automatically calms down. But not only that: with each inhalation, we provide the body with fresh energy. Fortunately, breathing is not magic.

5. Use body language

A trick we can look for from actors: consciously using our body language. Just by the way we stand and move, we send out signals. So a woman who has her arms on her hips pushes something different than someone who stands with his arms crossed. For example, "Power Posing" allows us to be particularly confident in important situations. We can decrypt the signals of others, we tell you in the secret code body language.

6. Eat sensibly

We actually all know: Too much sugar and fat not only have a negative effect on the balance, but also on well-being. Pluses are available for fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plenty of fluids throughout the day. Because healthy eating is much easier than you think.

7. Sleep well

7.5 hours? That's how long we should sleep to be fit in the morning, says sleep expert Michael Breus. It is especially important to get enough sleep regularly. You can take care of that yourself by developing a routine and going to bed at the same time as possible. Counterproductive, though widespread: just staring at your smartphone or drinking alcohol just before you fall asleep? Lack of sleep is not uncommon. With our sleep tips you will be well through the night.

How to Be More DISCIPLINED - 6 Ways to Master Self Control (July 2020).

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