Zodiac Leo: Born to showstar

Date of birth: 23.7. - 23.8.

Positive characteristics

  • can lead others well
  • confident
  • independently
  • sporty


  • are afraid others might saw on their chair
  • in the relationship they want to be number one
  • narcissistic

Which partners are suitable for the Leo?

The characteristics of Leo and the Sagittarius are very similar, so they fit well together. Leo and the star sign Aquarius, on the other hand, are signs of opposition, the lion wants to radiate, but Aquarius is not to be outshone. Difficult. Lions with the star sign Aries have much in common because they are both proactive, fiery and gripping.

And the other signs of the zodiac? That reveals the big partner horoscope, the astro traffic light.


The motto of the lion and the lioness is: "As you come, so you will receive"

The big interview with star astrologer Roswitha Broszath about Leo

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What characterizes the lion's sign?

Roswitha Broszath: It looks as impressive in the sky as lions like to be. A star cluster forms the lion's head with an imposing mane. Many lions actually have such a lion's mane, especially those with the ascendant lion. The lion has had a special meaning from the beginning. In ancient Egypt, goddesses have been depicted lion-headed, and the enigmatic sphinx is located at the dice next to the pyramids.

The sun associated with the lion is the central star of our universe. This also underscores the importance of this zodiac sign. Also in our religions the sun has a special meaning. The first monotheistic religion was founded by Akhenaten. He installed Aton, the sun god, as the sole god and dethroned all other gods in Egypt.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Is the lion as strong, radiant and wonderful as the cliché of this star sign?

Roswitha Broszath: The lion is one of the zodiac signs that have an accumulation of so-called undershoots, that is, that the different degrees have very different temperaments and also different prenatal and early childhood stories. That's why they react very differently. There is the cliché of the lion who falls into the lap of everything, who presents himself wonderfully, who is strong, has no stage fright and artistically on all stages at home, but that is not true.

People who are so in the spotlight are doing that to compensate for something. They make a virtue out of necessity and overcome their inner shyness by working with all their strength to keep repeating themselves. They treat or conceal their weaknesses with the opposite principle. It's easy for Lions, because they have a strong acting talent.

But there are also so many sentient lions, so many doing therapeutic work, who have a turn to depth psychology. That's why you should not just look at them with this one look. However, it is true that lions like to serve this picture. They want to be great, they want to be the crown of creation and they do everything they can to match their ideal. Yes, and of course there is also the guy who is the born show talent.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Where does this ideal image come from? Already from childhood?

Roswitha Broszath: Lions want to - as in nature - take an alpha role. They also have the ability to do so, are good leaders. The lion is the king's sign, among the kings you can actually find more lions. They are pervaded by their own particularity, which is part of their shadow. Surely they have a lot of potential, but they also like to emphasize their peculiarities.

Most lions are born with the claim of parents to be special. It is often the case that the child, before it is even in the world, has all the advantages. "Oh, it will be an artist, oh, it will continue the dynasty," it says. The consequence: the fate of the gifted child. It is not praised because it is self-evident that it is the best. As a result, the competition is bred, which is typical, especially for lion women.

Lions automatically see that they are clearly at the top compared to others, that nobody dares to saw in their chair. For that they have to build a nice tension.Already on the lion's toddler's shoulders are so many expectations, which on the one hand are a burden, but on the other hand, they also make people try their luck. That is a privilege. Other children may not realize that they have artistic skills because they are not encouraged and should not try. They get shown the bird when they say they would like ballet lessons. The parents of a lion-child overburden the child with expectations, but also keep him open to all doors. A boarding school abroad, elite schools, all this is important, after all, the child should have good starting opportunities and it needs the right connections. This is not a child-like development, because the child can not find it to himself.

The fact is that Leo succeeds a lot. But that also has a lot to do with the fact that they expect exactly that - and the expectation also attracts good.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Does ambition matter?

Roswitha Broszath: Not necessarily, the lion is minimalist. With little effort he can achieve maximum success. Lions, for example, have the courage to fill the gap. While the ibex sits down and absorbs all the stuff in it, the lion looks briefly over his documents and then has what is in demand ready. And what he did not learn, is strangely not asked. His demeanor helps him to impress the others. The Capricorn goes into an exam with the feeling: "I hope I'm good enough," the lion radiates, however: "You may be glad that you may inspect me."

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Lions are bosses.

Roswitha Broszath: Yes, always, either the lion or the lioness are independent and have their own company or they are the boss. Lions undoubtedly have leadership qualities. There is the lion word: "Never do anything yourself, which you can transfer to others". Lions can delegate well, while the maiden, for example, can not because she has first resentment, others like to look at serfs, and also want to do everything themselves, after all, it should also be good. A lion, on the other hand, can give excellent instructions, he has no qualms about keeping others busy.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: And in which occupations do lions prefer?

Roswitha Broszath: The lion is an entrepreneur, gallery owner, architect or art dealer. When working with others in an office community, he is certainly the one who organizes everything that sets the conditions, the top boss, so to speak.

Lions are also very common therapists, they are particularly good with children and adolescents. They also like beauty and fashion, for example, Yves Saint Laurent was a lion. Among the doctors, there are also lions, mostly orthopedists, because the lion belongs to the susceptibility of the back. In fact, lions often react to setbacks with herniated discs or other serious spinal complaints.

The new anti-aging medicine is also a lion's domain because they can not handle aging, infirmity, weakness and transition to another dimension well. These are taboo topics. You have the idea of ​​being fit, young and successful on a permanent basis. In fact, they often retain a youthful radiance for a long time because they want it.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: So you're not averse to beauty surgeries ...

Roswitha Broszath: No, but they also do sports, groom themselves and their figure. It is said that the spirit forms the flesh - and lions want to look good and buy expensive care products. Luxury can be anyway. Lions like to treat themselves something. And money that you spend on yourself is, in your opinion, particularly well invested.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What is the sign Leo in relationships?

Roswitha Broszath: A relationship with a lion is not easy. He does not tolerate any gods beside him, but he does not want to have a partner who is just a decal who does not like to show himself in public or does not look good there. They want to be proud of their partner, but logically they are not in their shadow.

Lions can not have anyone over them. That applies in the profession, that applies in relations and that applies also to the living. Quite often they live up in converted penthouses. Everything can be among them, but nothing about them.

Lions like to have a court. They do not favor being alone with the partner, but like to gather many friends around. They often maintain an open house, like to keep yard.

To the lion belongs the narcissism, the self-love - and it would be nice, if the partner would not shake at this picture. Lions always need a bit of admiration and affirmation, which shows that they do not necessarily have such unshakeable self-esteem.

Lions are in principle already faithful. If a lion separates, it still keeps in touch with the partner, often even inviting the new partner of the ex-partner.We also often find rainbow families with lions. You have a great openness, a big heart, are very friendly. Lions are sure to have affairs too, but they will always be careful to avoid injury. Because the lion himself likes to be treated respectfully, he also deals with others like that.

A lion will always support his partner, will encourage him to show himself, but in the end the partner can not be better than himself.

Partner Horoscope Leo: Who fits the lion?

Roswitha Broszath:

Lion and lion

understand each other well if they do not make life difficult out of competition for who the brighter lion is.

Lion and maiden

is a difficult mating. Here comes to the outbreak, which archetypically in the two signs is created: The maiden works to the lion and grieves later, because the lion goes with her work to the outside world and says: "Look what I've done great." As far as the eroticism is concerned, the lion is not as passionate as the maiden. For the lion, sex is more of a work of art in which he has to look good. The virgin, however, knows that sex is an earthy affair. She does not care how she gets over it, she wants to enjoy the sex. A wonderful constellation is

Lion and Libra

Both are very open to art and culture and feel like doing beautiful things together. Also, both have a penchant for glamor and glamor, like to go to where there are celebrities to see. The two signs have a lot in common, including that sex does not have to be such a wild affair for them. That's why there is a relationship between

Lion and scorpion

again more difficult. The scorpion is the most animalistic animal. This can upset the lion because he fears being overshadowed. The scorpion, like the lion, has a strong claim to power. So there is a risk that the two come into the enclosure.

Lion and Sagittarius

are similar, both are fire signs. The combination works quite well, although it could be that there is not enough development in this respect, because both partners are very much concerned with their own development and their own presentation and do not push ahead with the development of the opposite.

Lion and Capricorn

do not fit together well. The ibex works out everything meticulously, the lion falls to everything - at least he does so. He says to himself in a kind of self-suggestion: "Everything always falls into my lap, I'm always lucky." The Capricorn will eventually be annoyed that the loads are so unevenly distributed, but the applause is ultimately always the lion. But Capricorn does not have this unconditional claim to be in the middle of the stage. That's why he does not automatically get that much applause.

Lion and Aquarius

are opposition signs. The lion has a strong desire to radiate and guide, but the Aquarius can be guided only conditionally, and certainly not outshine. He is independent, likes to be noncommittal and the individuality, which the lion must first develop, is something Aquarius takes for granted. He will not court the lion - and that makes tensions inevitable.

Lion and fish

It is very difficult because the fish is so sensitive and the lion is actually too, but he does not show it. I've heard lions say fish are well-meaning, but that's not true. And the fish in turn thinks the lion is a showman. Fish always have difficulties with self-expression and will therefore be angry about the lion's self-portrayal. And the lion has problems accepting its sensitive parts, and is annoyed with the sensitivity of the fish. The classical projection, psychologically speaking.

Lion and Aries

have much in common. They are proactive, fiery, gripping, enter life, but as a basis for a long relationship, that's not enough. By moon or ascendant, other parts would have to come in here. Ultimately, however, this applies to all partnership comparisons. Other planetary inspirations always bring quite different development impulses into the relationship process.

Lion and bull

Both like luxury and like to indulge in something, with the lion spending more money than the bull. That could lead to tensions. Even with sexuality, the two will have problems. For the bull has a persistent and earthy sexuality that does not correspond to that of the lion.

Lion and twins

is basically conceivable, because the twin is adaptable and has no problems, the lion sometimes say: "You're just great." The lion in turn will love the intellectual and creative radiance of the twin. The representation belongs to the twin, the mimic radiance to the lion. That connects.

Lion and cancer

Classically considered sun and moon. The two fit together, but only if the cancer is the female principle and the lion the male.And if the lion is ready to respond to the sensitivity of the cancer. That's the challenge, but a little challenge is good for any relationship.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: If not in sexuality, where does Leo leave his fire?

Roswitha Broszath: In Art. The lion can almost have an erotic relationship to art, his creative power is enormous and for him it is important that he leaves creation. Visiting art, culture, design, painting, sculpting, museums and galleries - this is how the lion spends its free time. He has a special weakness for films, loves film festivals, because then he can sit in the cinema from morning to night.

In sports, there are status sports such as golf or tennis, which attract the lion. Lion Men have a preference for car racing.

Lions generally have a special relationship with jewelry. Typical lion jewelry is from Bulgari or Versace. The lion likes it a bit more sumptuous - and he prefers gold jewelry.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Which celebrities are lions?

Roswitha Broszath: In the lion sign we find a lot of celebrities. It is the desire of the lion to be prominent.

But they also have a great sense of responsibility, which is why lions are often in politics, and the tendency to self-portrayal can also sometimes outgrow it. Lions claim to be socially beneficial and look good. It is not easy to notice injuries and attacks. Only the lips are getting narrower, the longer someone in politics. Without a trace, this job does not pass them by.

A prominent political lion is Barack Obama. He has the sun in Leo and the Ascendant in Aquarius, so he is blessed especially. There is hardly anyone who is not enthusiastic about him. Incidentally, the last Democratic US President, Bill Clinton, is also Leo.

The show business is another domain of the lion. Accordingly, we find many lions among the actresses and musicians, for example Charlize Theron, Robert Redford, Whitney Houston, Sandra Bullock, Heike Makatsch, Iris Berben, Ulrich Tukur, Antonio Banderas, Patrick Swayze, Dustin Hoffmann or Sean Penn.

For the musicians, Mick Jagger and Madonna, with their extravagant and exhibitionist style, are very much in line with the cliché image of the lion.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What makes Lion Women special?

Roswitha Broszath: Lion women are not born to serve. So if you are looking for a dedicated housewife, you should move on. They always aspire into very special positions and usually get them too. Many lion women are therapists who work with children or coach adults.

As radiant as they are, the lion women do not always look inside. They deal with themselves strongly. Especially lion women are particularly driven to be the best. They have high ambitions and they will realize them - the partner has to deal with that. A partner who clings is certainly not for her.

In the relationship they are not the tame kittens. If they strike, it's the pawing. Leo women can fight back a lot. If they feel threatened, they lose control.

A lion-woman feels the need to stand out, to be special, to represent something in the outside world. And anyone who is with a Leo woman must be able to stand the fact that she gets the more attention, so did J.F. Kennedy. His wife, Jackie, had a lion sun with the corresponding appeal and resonance in the outside world. Her husband could handle it, however. On a state visit to France, where once again Jackie was cheered, he said: "I'm just the guy who accompanies this handsome woman."

What the lion-woman is sure of is generosity. After all, the heart belongs to Leo.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: So at the same time there is a health vulnerability in the heart of the lion?

Roswitha Broszath: Yes, heart, blood circulation and back are prone to the lion. With regard to the back, one often experiences that lions do not bend over. When something falls down, they wait until someone else picks it up. At the same time, stooping, ie movement, would do them so well.

And when lions get into situations that they want out, but do not know how, they often respond with cardiac arrhythmias. Lions are also prone to heart disease, angina pectoris and all sorts of mood disorders in the heart.

Joy is known to nourish the heart, so the lion has to look and do a lot of beautiful things to strengthen his heart. The lion has a basic fear of disappointment. He can respond to them with a broken heart, which, according to the latest findings, is actually a disease. Literally, it's called Broken Heart Syndrome.

Lions suffer a great deal when the light of the sun darkens. You can have severe depression and become very bitter.As a homeopathic remedy, the lion often uses aurum, which is the homeopathic constitutional remedy associated with Leo, and gold as a metal belongs to Leo.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: At work, a lion motto sounded: "Never do anything yourself, which you can transfer to others". Is there another motto?

Roswitha Broszath: "As you come, you will receive," is also typical Leo, because it is so important to him to represent himself correctly. And the typical lion is also: "He who makes himself small does not have to be surprised if he is treated that way." A lion is always about value, because the value is respected.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: And the lion's shadow shows up when it overestimates its own value?

Roswitha Broszath: A lion has to learn to be happy with what it is. That's great enough. He does not have to go beyond that.

There are lions, especially lion women, who do not dare to live their strength, especially the artistic talent. Often, the partner should live this page for them. But that makes the lion bitter in the long run. Then his shadow shows because his own potential is not expressed. Under these circumstances, the lion can also become fussy and thin, even a bit vicious.

You can not blame lions for being vain or self-loving. Each zodiac sign has a different purpose in this life and lives another principle. The lion is about the soul's exertion, about living out about art, about developing individuality and authenticity, to live the radiance, to waste oneself on the artistic work - and for that a lion also simply applauds.

A shadow of the lion is the cynicism that has to do with the fear of disappointment. Lions have a strong need to be needed. This results in something patronizing. "I know everything, I can do everything, let me take my hand". As a result, they can get something very overlapping in the partnership.

The slicing, which lions sometimes lean, comes from the need to be important, to be needed. Lions give a lot, but can not accept well, at least not help. The lion would see that as a weakness - and weaknesses can not admit lions. They do not fit into their image of the brilliant victorious type, and they serve this image with dedication.

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