You like leggings? Then you will love these new trend pants!

Whether for sports, under the oversize pullover in the office or simply comfortable on the sofa: leggings have been the most popular trouser models for women for years. And rightly so. If you do not combine them with Ugg boots and a dirty sweatshirt, they can actually look quite stylish. How do you combine leggings great, we show you here. But when it comes to designers, it-girls and fashion bloggers, the casual pants have gotten big competition and could soon be out. So called are so called treggings.

Treggings: That's why everyone loves the new pants model

We admit: The concept of treggings is not new. The name is composed of the English terms trousers and leggings. This refers to skintight pants made of elastic fabric. Of course, they are very similar to leggings. The difference, however, lies in the look.

At first glance, Treggings are not too different from a normal pair of jeans or trousers. Because they are often provided with classic trouser details such as zippers, buttons or jeans stitching. Even trouser pockets are sometimes found on the narrow pants. All this is usually only hinted at or even painted. Such associations are bypassed in classic leggings. Treggings come in a denim look, made of shiny and matte fabrics and even leather or suede to buy.

You can not imagine what that looks like, or even want to buy a model directly? The most beautiful Treggings variants we have summarized here at a glance for you. Enjoy browsing:

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