"You have to do everything yourself" Why DIY really stresses it


Hey, you there! Do you have a moment? And could you maybe bake a cake quickly? No, not this simple marble apple crisp cake number, but a three-story schokotorte in Schiffsform, please. I'll also send you a Youtube tutorial. The mast and the sails are a bit tricky, but I tell you, this self-determined cooking in the kitchen, that's like meditation, somehow. It's like that, my little son's birthday, he likes ships, but I have this enormous list of to-do listings: checking out 148 emails, asking for three interviews, then on time for yoga. And there is also this text about do-it-yourself stress that has to be dealt with. Do you know, right? Ah understand. They have no children, but still no time. Because after the 5 o'clock meeting you have to grind the flea market cupboard and start the dragon fruit compote in the Asia style for the brunch with your 20 best friends.


When did the whole tinkering, baking and knitting really become the bar for fulfilled life?


Although our days are getting more and more busy, with work, family, friends, leisure stress? And do you find this madly relaxing or madly exhausting?

Stop, objection!I hear you say.

It's a self-made problem! If the old woman has two left hands or no time or both, she should buy a ready cake. Of course, it is not forbidden. It is also not forbidden to set up his living room one-to-one on the model of the Ikea catalog cover. Or on industrial holidays welded in industrial cheese slices to pop on the breakfast table. Can you do everything. If you have no problem with feeling like Cindy from Marzahn at a society party in Munich-Grünwald. Cheap, inferior, unimaginative.

Where leisure becomes a scarce commodity, it becomes a status symbol. And homemade is their visible currency. Take the self-made scarf, dear sister, bite into the crocodile carved piece of cucumber, dear child, it is worthy of me to sacrifice my precious time for you. Sometimes the pretty bitchy comes over: I bake, so I am (better). And now, please, my vegan ginger cuts on Instagram! Do-it-yourself as an egotrip and social beauty contest. Because even the leisure hours are in one? Attention, sociologist! ? by-economized society quite result-oriented. Come down, yes please. But not by staring at the wall for half an hour or a few container ships on the Elbe. It should come out something: even made spice boxes in shabby chic, even tailored blouses. How convenient that you can order fabric, yarn and cut shape in the network. That saves time, which one needs for the Schulultendeko-Googeln.


I have my life under control and my cupcakes too!


Sure, of course, craftsmanship also gives grip in an unleashed world. A signal to the trumps and Erdogans of the planet: No matter what madness you think, I have my life under control and my cupcakes too! A message to all Silicon Valley start-up nerds: I do not care if you construct a 3-D printer for socks and Sunday roast, I'll still do it myself. It's easy to lie in your pocket, because even behind the self-made trend is a flourishing industry? given.

I should make half-time, because otherwise today is nothing more with the Dragon Fruit Lamp for brunch? Sorry. Maybe I just have a tinkering trauma. My narrow lipped handwork teacher from the 3c and her bearded colleague from the Werkunterricht with his fancy for a Christian sect are certainly to blame for the fact that I am allergic to knitting needles and jigsaws since 1979. And I've never been particularly skilled. But you're right, such a cake in a ship's shape, which can not be difficult. You know what? Just wake me up at three o'clock tonight. I still have a time window open.


Well, also fancy a stupid unicorn muffin? But you have to do it yourself.

1290 Why Do I Have To Do Everything Myself? (September 2020).